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King soopers not comment on the reason for putting the parties out to pasture but the horse's owner says he was told the horses have been pulled indefinitely what is a beautiful weekend here in Colorado the forecast for father's day is looking great Sunday's highs in Denver will hit eighty six degrees we do bring back a ten percent chance is an isolated shower or storm in the afternoon and evening but most spots on Sunday are going to stay dry as fox thirty one meteorologist Jessica lebel our next news update at seven thirty I'm Tom Mustin KOAA news radio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM your fellow twenty five clear driving from one more in a larkspur passing council rock Pascal supplies in a low tree everyone appears you're driving at posted speed he's bound I. seventy passenger Jenna see past golden into orbit all things are clear at this hour was a U. S. thirty six Charlie from commerce city in a Westminster into Brookfield past appear in the boulder everything looking hurt this time no incidents or accidents to report on the roadways postural pinpoint whether looking at sub coming weeks weather pattern clues unpredictable thunderstorm activity weather for the upper eighties to the mid nineties the seasonal temperatures are going to stay around the entire week up to this coming weekend which I believe it agrees with some of the clouds and low of fifty six right now is eighty five this report is sponsored by Lowe's bill doesn't mention issue with a gift from lows this father's day powers project also along with the cobalt twenty four Max X. T. R. power tool starting at one hundred forty nine dollars buy one get a twenty four volt battery free visit Lowe's online or in store I'm really raise a gateway newsradio live everyone the I heart radio out we've got another full weekend of golf and drafting sports book America's top rated sports but gap is putting you in the center of the action of the sign up bonus of the one thousand dollars Hey it's raining crystal draftkings sports book is the place to get all of your bets in for this weekend's current head of the out right now and check out all they have to offer including player props day by day action and even hold.

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