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Quite the opposite no no it isn't still in the hamas charter is that israel can't exist your she's for a one state solution how does that work and didn't bill clinton basically give arafat ninety eight percent of the territory that they wanted the palestinians wanted israel agreed with it it was just the fact that yasser didn't ruin them make a deal wow i mean the one state solution obviously is a palestinian state that's what she's talking oh yeah and would jews be allowed to live there no they would not they would not if there's a one st the jews have no place in that state so wait a minute behind cnn now we've got the bodies of john king nbs probably david gregory too because he did ask a tough question pile up behind the cnn building there one cnn center in atlanta that's interesting that he actually he actually asked her a good question and then when let it go either right he's like nobody sort of stayed on it isn't a filibuster so you're not getting answer my question even though to her it was filibuster because she can't really say what she believes is she from the united states she didn't have much of a middle eastern accent there so she might even be american let's see here she butu he's from canada okay close it's our like our fifty first state sort of triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninetythree interesting though to to watch her squirm and talk all around well do they have the right to exist never denied that what do you of course you have.

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