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Jeff Miller. That is one of our producers, Heels Thie hey hosts the fantasy shows. I can't speak. He hosts the fantasy show on Sunday morning, the fantasy football show. It's like the Ohio State. Are you in the special? The State University on then Miller, also his postgame with Howard Griffith right here in the 1000 After every bears game, they'll be back on after the Atlanta game this weekend. So he is an expert. He wins many leagues. He plays in like 70 year, but he's really, really good, and he knows ah lot about the waiver wire process, and it's a big week with all the injuries. So I turned it over to Jeff every Tuesday at about this time that gives you the update on what to be looking for as the waiver wires, open and fantasy leagues across the country, it is certainly going to be a waiver wire. That is One folks are going to have to get active and because of all the injuries you mentioned, Carm so first off the tap waiver wire picked for me this week. Is going to be 40 Niners runningback Jerick. McKinnon makes sense. McKinnon is available currently in 73% of ESPN League, so widely available and with the most injury, coupled With Kevin Coleman also being gone for a couple of weeks. This seems like an opportunity for the big free agent signing for Kyle Shanahan Step up and have Ah productive week and at least for a couple of weeks. I think he's the at least for this week. I think he's definitely the best ad long term. Maybe not because most it will return. So if you're just looking for help for this week, maybe a couple of weeks. Jerick. McKinnon is your best bet this week on the planet Jets, other playing A. Who cares? The Giants there. Still, I stayed in New York and you look the Giants Steelers. The Bears have run the ball on the Giants, and they stayed in New York. They're playing the Giants, so I would think that that's they're going to try to ground and pound. This is saline advice is always from the update and grapple is positive, right? Like they think he's gonna play? Yes, Okay again, though, it's it's obviously Tuesday, so it's hard to say anything definitively. But my cannon is the top waiver wire pick up, especially If you're hurting at running back, and if you have sake one if he had most, sir, if you had McCaffrey, and now you're starting to Sergio. Look, Yorgos got to start Jamal Williams from crying out. I got Jamal waves in my story. You might be hitting your waiver wire to pick up Jack Kennedy on the can, For sure, he's gone in one of my All right. Who else? Hide Let me fire Rams running back. Donald Henderson was highly drafted. You have Malcolm Brown, who left last week's game with a finger injury, along with Who's the other Ocampa and left with a rib injury as well. So Darnell Henderson stepped in. I think I believe you had 80 total yards from scrimmage. So Donald Henderson is my second ad. He is available in 54% of leagues. 50 44. That's good Darnell game this week. Rams and Bill's about it to Owen omits to know that those of a good man, that's an exciting game. This's now I'll give you a couple of guys right here. One's more of a long term play. The other is going to be a better bet. Immediately, but probably not for the long term. Joshua Kelly, Los Angeles Chargers, he is it looks like he has stepped right into the Melvin Gordon roll from last season. Austin Heckler obviously, is the main running back that you want with the Chargers. Things were better. With Justin Herbert under center. It's undeniable. Tyrod Taylor comes back. I'm I'm not nearly as enthused, but I have a hard time believing Anthony Lynn is just going to give the ball back to Tyrod Taylor. If Justin Herbert continues to be productive, why would they go back to Tyra doesn't make any sense. Joshua Kelly is more of a long term play. If you're in a 12 team are deeper league and you need that, you know, second running Becker Flex guy. For the.

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