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Continued on. But i think. I've always been into which i got from my parents and finding is helping other people i was doing that Trying to figure that out you know at a young age. What could i do to help this person. Help this brand or do whatever so. That's always been part of my path as well. What did your parents do to help others. That model that for you. My my parents helped no exaggeration. At least three hundred people come over from ghana to we used to call our house. A gun and refugee camp. 'cause they're always helping somebody come over and they stayed with us and they helped them get a job and get settled and get their paperwork and you know and send them on their way to help somebody else and so in the nose purse. Those people have somebody else and so they're integral part of a lot of people helping people come for a better life. That's very cool at a young age. Were you able to see that. That was a great thing. Be welcoming and open with your home. Were there times when you wanted attention or resources or otherwise and didn't always. Well you know i think it was. It was more that it was Well actually take that back. I don't think it was either. How about that. I think it was the fact that my parents were working and going to school. And so there The back there wasn't just my brother nine home by itself so that was a very thing that it was. We were glad that they were somebody else there and we were there long because there were always doing you know again working going to school. You mentioned track. I was a college track athlete. It sounds like he played both basketball and track in college. Am i play basketball. I stopped track early on. What was your track about. Iran the twenty and the one hundred. Okay nice so you end up at georgia southern what drew you to that school. So i honestly. I want to send them because it was a it was a deep also. I will say that. I'm so glad that i went there. Education i got mba because from where i was coming and i was in atlanta and i was looking for a program for the sports program. Am i contacted university. Georgia georgia southern university. Georgia never got back to me told much later in georgia's other then and so just went full speed on And saw the opportunity to to get my my education there. I'm so glad that happened. Because again i although i will send my big as broke but the education got it was like it was priceless so so you already knew. You wanted to go into sports psychology. What was it about becoming an athlete and getting involved with the helping of others that Made you wanna marry the two or made you fascinated by the element. So but i didn't always know when it'd be sports psychologists act you. Didn't even know about sports. Psychologist was twenty five. And that was because i was working at the so eddie graduated undergraduate and I was working at a facility for Bipolar depressed at all. Someone of my coworkers was born in sports conference in new orleans and so she knows an athlete so she asked by go with her in. Our job is gonna pay for it and so it was a free weekend in new orleans always looking now. Let's do won't half of your life. Yeah do that two people at a number of different ways. Yeah right. I was just going to have a great time. You know and i did. I had a great time in new orleans. I don't even know if i've intended to sports comforts event years later. I started thinking. What is this sports thing. What was that. what was that whole thing about. I contacted her and got my formation. Are looking it up and school wasn't so that hit me on the path that i again. I had no idea that even existed till i was twenty five. Yes i must have misheard. I thought you said that you're interested in georgia. Southern and and and georgia were based on the programs that they had so at the time. You weren't sure yet you were just sort of that. They were colleges nearby. And you wanted to go have a more amorphous study until you figured out what you wanted to do correct. I was living in atlanta and at that particular time i was actually working with adolescent male sex offenders. And that's the trajectory back. I wanted to do more. I don't know what it is. I want to do but i wanted to do more so i started thinking about that on conference that i didn't go to an orleans. And what does that really mean. Started thinking i actually. I like psychology and love sports and is this really a career. Did people get paid for this in at the side looking more and more and i was like wow this is this is. This is really cool. What do i need to do and then contacted the schools from there so when you graduated with your what was your undergraduate degree. It was in psychology. And then you end up going to pursue your doctorate and how did you choose and select where you wanted to work in what you wanted to focus on so might my focus was completely on wanting to work with athletes. I wanted to do the applied work. So in sports hike there is research and then there's teaching and then this applied work and i wanted to do the work. And so when. I was looking at programs into casey programs. They were all very academic for the first three years. And then you got to work with folks to figure out how to you know what your niches and how do you were players and so on and so forth and so I thought. I don't know if i really want to go that route because i don't know if i'm gonna do four more years of school or they actually finally school..

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