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Check traffic and weather together for you coming up at twelve OO for that first a seven year old girl has died after her mother plunge their vehicle into a Warren County pond it happened Saturday eight near Martha's ville Saba I'll cure offi drowned two other children in the car made it to shore with help from rescuers south as mother was taken to the hospital in serious condition the Islamic foundation of greater St Louis as the child was born in Brooklyn New York and her parents were from a village in Yemen it says the family moved to Chesterfield to be in a safer environment a teenager from Augusta killed yesterday in a one vehicle accident on warm count on a one county road eighteen your Richard house pick up ran off route de Easter bone monument road and hit a road sign and then a tree Republican senator Lindsey Graham advising president trump to aim higher following his weekend tweets about four democratic congresswoman the president tweeted that they should go back to the quote broken a crime infested countries they came from even though all of the women are American citizens and three were born in the United States Graham a close ally of the president who golf with him over the weekend offer the advice in an interview with fox and friends this morning a judge in New York says he needs more time to make a decision on whether or not finance your Jeffrey abstain should remain behind bars while he awaits trial at Steve's lawyers argue that he is not a flight risk or a risk to society and to remain on house arrest until this trial prosecutors want him to stay in jail following the hearing Brad Edwards an attorney representing victims of alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein said some spoke in court today to make their case even though they were not obligated to do so it just so happened.

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