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If you haven't gotten it by now, it probably mean, someone close to your stolen trust. And a happy early birthday to actress Betty white who's getting ready to turn ninety seven next week, a friend of White's says this year, the actress will have a low key party with food music and some close friends, the former golden girl has some mobility challenges these days, but friends and family say she still gets around has a sharp mind and a great sense of humor. She's ever gonna lose that sense of human. Let's get a quick check of that outdoor report. Here's Bob Simms has the days slowly, but surely get longer and hopefully the temperatures creep up just a little bit could be the time for you to catch the trout of your life, and that's at pyramid lake Nevada. It's about thirty five miles north of sparks and Reno but a forty five to fifty minute drive to where the only accommodations on the leg as far as lodging and food and everything else is Crosby's large. If you don't want to stay at Crosby's. You can stay in either Reno sparks and go up in the morning and fish or in the afternoon, but this is the time of year with some big Fisher. Now, so far the biggest cutthroat trout taken in this season. Which started in October is over twenty three pounds, the fish taken this time of year, mostly or taken from the Bank, and you don't have to be a fly fisherman, even though that's what the league is famous for because a variety of lures and techniques can be used and we'll be talking about that Saturday morning on the outdoor show. But the catcher trout like that above ten pounds is not that uncommon. You gotta think about it. Bob SIMS care. All right. Thanks, bob. The time right now is five fifty six at NewsRadio KFC Kay. I'm Dan Richardson, along with Gregg fishermen whose an for Christina Madonna this morning. Let's get a check of our traffic. Trouble spot now from Brian noble. Don't have any accidents on our freeways around Sacramento. We'd have some pockets of fairly dense fog heaviest right now probably highway ninety nine up around the west L corn area. But that's not the only one right now. Most of it isn't the low to the ground stuff that can slow you down, but fog. Fogged at all could change taken into consideration. As you head out this morning. President Trump will visit the Texas Mexico border this morning in his bid to build a border wall. The latest on that coming up at six o'clock on the cave became morning news. Maybe you've heard.

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