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Yeah so all those characters are like that davy crockett this false idea frontier or whatever and then obviously the donner party like a religious party that all resorts cannibalism to survive and just like in this one little throwaway line yeah so good she is a great like funny he goes like you're so the mary tyler moore luxu that's enough she yes she stops him like a teacher and it's awesome it's so good 'cause you mmediately there's so much you learn about character in this moment like yeah kills people for a living but he's like respects people like like cares about them and the people in his life in this weird way yeah he's so honest throughout this whole movie and that was one yes that kills me he's kills you kills you shy away from saying he's a professional killer that's what i was going to get back to you too is it's my favorite thing because i love that everyone has just a snarky remark back like they like you think they're being dessel with that yeah and every you know what a growing industry like everyone is moving has agency to them in a way that is honest and and motivate like many driver could so easily be like a manic pixie dream character and she literally says i'm not that great scenes the movie with which is very out of its time i think you know movies aimed at young men or whatever but i think that i think that plays back into like what you were saying about this being like in his career of movies like he was at this going he was reflecting back online because he was an eighties he was an eighties like hearthrob he was in all those movies and that's what he was known for he was known for this guy he was like i want to close it was almost as movie was like i want to close the book on that by.

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