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Oh houses being wow okay we'll get into that later but continue okay so yeah would do what you wanna get into an economic we'll get into into some it but i said i was like tighter toast and like all these self inflicted wounds were just like it was crazy you know look i'm sitting there watching and i'm like no there's no way they find a way to kick themselves in the cheian again and then pick themselves in the shin again whether it was the markets mario two interception from the twenty one yard line whether lows having the ball first in gold and a second in goal from the one yard line and they're getting a false start and it happened that miracle third and goal pook i was like there's no way that convert and third in goal and then his fourth goal and i was like kick it to you not kick it i thought they would kick it well demarcus birdie catches his own pass yeah like i actually thought that like i said the tighter toast and i was wrong so egging my face again i think that's fine but it you sort of think th this tightens patriots get will before we go there i want to talk about the chiefs for a second because i like to listen to people that know more about the game than i do talk about the game and one of the things that was sort of revealed from the analyst people they're played the game people will coach the game people that pay more chester football than i do they were like well they had their scripted place and once the chiefs were done with their scripted plays they went back to their core place and they couldn't move the ball with those core plays these there is is there any actual actuality to that is that in your mind what you think happened i don't know about vat here that i would say is the chiefs are a good reminder that the nfl is not judge like you don't judge nfl teams at the end of september at the end of october at the end of november like you judge them probably going into the season and i i saw a lot of people and i i would not be i will not be shy from the fact.

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