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Cape. We're looking at 32 degrees in ur myth in Boston right now. 33 degrees. We have partly cloudy skies. 5 35 on WBZ news radio as we head back to Washington. Certainly a time in our lives we will never forget. Democracy is fragile. And to preserve it requires people of goodwill leaders the courage to stand up President elect Jill Biden after chaos breaking out of the capital yesterday, President Trump now saying through a statement. There will be an orderly transition on January 20th after Congress concluded the electoral vote counts certifying President elect Biden's victory. This morning and let's take you live now to the streets of Washington, where they are still under a curfew right now until six o'clock this morning in D C w T o p reporter John Doman from w. T o p Radio in Washington Now joining us live and Good Morning, John. Seeing some review tweets. What's the mood right now in D. C. Well, it's almost on the way to becoming a normal Thursday again here, you know, driving into town this morning, you sort of had the routine overnight traffic on some of the busy roads coming in and You're starting to see some of that pick up around here. I'm just, you know, kind of overlooking the West Lawn of the Capitol in right now, For the most part, it's all law enforcement and reporters in this particular spot, but I'm noticing more vehicles moving around. The rest of Washington. Sort of getting on T o another day. Almost here this morning and John just a question about the Capitol grounds themselves being in D. C. It's just known as an area you can kind of always go to catch the sunrise. People running there in the morning. Is there a law enforcement president kind of blocking everyone off from there still this morning? Are you able to access it? There is still some tape up around sections of the West Lawn. So some police tape and, um, noticed, not know. Normally, it's It's a lot of Capitol police all over the place, but I'm looking over at a parking lot. On the West side here, and there's a lot of D C police vehicles, one intersection normally manned by Capitol police officers. Instead, some National Guardsmen from around here and and actually Betty. Less than an hour ago, I saw a big caravan of New Jersey state police. Actually driving away from here, And I mean that's at least a minimum of a two hour drive. If you're coming from just, you know, the New Jersey Delaware border, so it's sort of a different police presence. There's certainly a lot here. Um, but I'm not seeing as many Capitol police is I normally would around here where I am right now. And just one quick question here. A John now we heard a lot from the federal government, of course in the overnight hours, But what's local D C government been like reacting to this? There's a lot of frustration really, from what it is. That's what led to this curfew. That's in place until six o'clock this morning. Not that it's been heavily enforced, but about half of your actual name or many of the arrest last night in overnight Sort of related to curfew violations. It's sort of ease up on that here this morning that if things were calming down, but there's just a lot of frustration that this all could happen. You know, D C police are certainly used to demonstrations and protests. No what they call around here First Amendment activities, But it's pretty clear that Capitol police were caught way off guard and unprepared for what happened. And it blemishes. The whole city in the city government is just Outraged and frustrated with the way things played out on, there's gonna be a lot of finger pointing about how it all happened, but for the most part that the city itself. Right now, At least you're gonna have a hard time putting any blame on the city or least you know much of the blame on the city because this all happened on federal property that's controlled by federal entities and in the capital in particular, and that's where a lot of the finger pointing A lot of the sort of look back. We're going to focus on and who knows the city? Very well. Lifetime Washingtonian reporter John Doman from W T o P Radio in Washington. Thank you, John for the time this morning. It's now 5 39 on this Thursday morning. It's time for business live to Bloomberg. And here's Tom Busby. Well, thanks, Jimmy after Democrats swept those runoff elections in Georgia, boosting the likelihood of more federal pandemic relief money. Wall Street rallied even despite those pro trump demonstrators storming the Capitol, the Tao of 438, hitting a fresh all time high and right now down futures up another 94 points and gunmaker stocks soaring yesterday and worries about tighter gun restrictions. Sales of Springfield based Smith and Wesson. So their biggest one day gain in three years. I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg Business on WBZ. Boston's News Ray description process requiring online consultation with health care provider and are only available at the provider determines a prescription.

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