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Our guest today is a gen hat maker. Jen Welcome to forever thirty five. Oh my gosh well. I am just delighted to be her girls. Thank you for having me. We'RE GONNA kick off with your biogen. Is the author of twelve books. That's a lot of books most recently beers and full of fire the guide to be inglorious you jen is also the Creator and happy host. The award winning four the love podcast with John Hat maker. Delighted curator the Jed hat maker Book Club and sought after Speaker who tours the country year speaking to women and she and her husband Brandon founded the legacy collective and they also starred in the very popular series. My big family renovation and your big family renovation. Tv is a mom to five and a resident of Austin Texas where she and her family are helping to keep Austin weird there. It is that there is you got it so go ahead hit a sorry this is this is our talking over each other moment. Doing the podcast remotely. Well Jen worth. Were thrilled to have you. Your book was very timely and touching read it also very funny man there. There were a lot of flagged in folded pages for me personally From and you know we have a question a kick things off with about radical empathy and care because right now especially in our communities things are. There's so much upheaval. So what what does that look like? Do you think within our families and also our communities with people who we may not actually no. It's just such a weird time right now and I one thing that we're sort of figuring out over here at our household is that just living through such an unprecedented moment. Where all of our most of our regular tools are not at our disposal in our communities are activities school. Tra- all the things that we normally do that apart our regular rhythms which keeps his kind of healthy and connected and was virtually all of those guys. You know it's occurred to us that we have to. We can't use the old program in this in this current day and so these times are kind of calling for different measures kind of extraordinary measures when it comes to like mental care and soul care in And so we are. We kind of said in our family guys. Let's get really serious and really specific about what is hard right now. What is hurting? What are we disappointed about? Let's name it. Let's put on the table. Let's not start burying this and then try to just shellac over it and then let's really figure out. How can we meet that? Need in a different way How can we address that pain in the ways that we can address that pain right now and so you know rather than just kind of hoping that somehow soul care and mental care are despoiling? Landon our labs. We're dialing in really hard to every member of the family because we're all really different. You know we've got just so many people here you guys just so many people and and we are all enormous personalities like nobody is quiet in this family. Everybody has huge feelings tons of emotions. Billions of words And so a lot of emotional labor right now not just to figure out what I need a what everybody in the house days is just what it isn't. It's the strangest time in the world. Yes yes and you think you said on a podcast you you live in a small house and you have four kids at home. Yes somebody helped me like who will help me like we live in. A house was built in nineteen eight. So first of all it's just a little old rambling thing and yes We also have to seniors in the house right now. So we've got in college in a senior in high school and so our senior in college packed for five days to come home for spring break and he has not left five days for the staff and so he's here and which is shoved everybody like in every corner right now and in many just managing all those disappointments all those rites of passages that both seniors or missing out on such a bummer. Such a bummer. And this is one thing I told my kids and I'm telling the women in my community to which is jest. I love how my girlfriend? Kristen Howard She's like this is not a good time to sign ourselves up as competitors in the hardship Olympics. Lying really mean like coups hard is harder who status sadder It's just a terrible gain because you know we've got friends with people in a hospital with Kovin but then I've got a senior who doesn't have a prom and their book. It's all sad sad the person so I don't like the competition of who actually gets to say that they're disappointed or sad or afraid or they feel cheated. I also don't like the audible. A picks who is crushing Corentin. Best can't like I'm losing both of those games and I just don't think I don't think they serve US right now. And so I'm really just drawn to superhuman people right. Now that I find vulnerability in and honesty and truth telling trying to be that person to neither rustling people through their pain or fear or diminishing it and also not You heading on display. Like the highlight. Reel of everything. That's right because we're working hard on those things too. I think let's just find this really deeply human path through this together and I think that's really good for everybody.

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