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Wrote it up here the first all women woman Mars analog log grew just returned to Earth in Hawaii they been in the eye sees habitat. That is the name for the White Space Exploration Annalong in simulation relation. It's a Mars base for human researchers that sets on a remote slope of Mona Lewi Volcano January four at about four PM local local. They they Went into habitat and returned out an eight hundred ten women. This was the the first all female mission and The results of that is The mccown here one two three four five six I think is only seven women but anyway Boy Information that linked to be up in the show notes following an International Operation Tapia season shutdown. A website called wheat leak impo this old heavy user data from over one ten thousand data breaches so As part of the Operation Leasing Ellen's North Ireland arrested to twenty two year olds will be connected to the site. Meanwhile the by working coronation with a police forces in Europe took down the main for the saint redirected to a seizure notice. We League impo claim to have over twelve billion user names and passwords. That's word siphoned from Ron Ten thousand three hundred breaches at various companies. The site offered access to all the INFO via subscription starting as low as two bucks. Hey Eh they made a lot of money for the two bucks really. was that worth going to jail for fleas over over on the BBC. They got a pretty good documentary. Not Documentary.

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