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That's. Patty know Erica, no. Okay. People are fucking almost show you guys. This disrespected godmother of soul pad. Pez bell is the God wait. So what is. Bell, Eric Abudu who. What's your name? What have we just just died? The Frank, Frank Franklin, because little Richard's the the father of rock and roll Queen a soul straight up Queen assault. Odd mother. Princip up. Michael Jackson have godfather soul, which James Brown Rockin Presley Elvis, Presley. I think that's a Little Richard. They steal from little retrial the Queen of soul. So this godfathers, but then there's the Queen or read the Franklin so many nicknames so much disrespect. Retha Franklin. I'm sorry, Aretha Franklin, I love you and God risks soul. And that's it for the Franklin dark. Dark ending, you do it well until that broke mogul that aren't there. Book. Oh, well, well, that's comes. Leave her calm down below, leave, all them down below, and we will see you next time next week by everybody. We're going to do that movie. Actually, I want to redo that out trope because I wanna make sure that we can actually announce because people will be excited if heavy timbers comes out next week, which I think is the sixteenth. Is this week bear with us a moment folks this, yeah. If it comes at the twenty third yet that's next week week from today. So I'm gonna go ahead. But during our out tro so cutback to you. Silence. So that's for you to time next week, meet the feebles. So be sure your comments leave all the lights, those triple x, all of them there. And we are gone, say goodbye, the YouTube, Chris tubes. Alright, youtuber fading by you to meet the feebles next week. And that's it for the show. Thank you, Chris. Thank you. Everybody in the chat over there. Oh, That's that's not not the the. end. Nobody's there, Corey was there for a bit, but no, thank you chat. It sets at and somebody said they called David Bowie death and the yes, everyone's dying, but I hope you don't die out there watching next week. Like we just said, meet the feebles in honor of happy time murders, and that'll be it for that, and we will be moving on from there. So with that said, double dot com. Chris over there, and it's time for us to say goodbye. So in order for us to say goodbye, we gotta press buttons. You gotta we gotta get the Franklin outta here and we go ahead and press back button on this and say San Francisco, so tougher. So we say goodbye shirt his. Cooman that Casey, oh, will convert questions, concerns, insult, input, and or vice can find Sarah hit us up on your grandma, double tosa fair pay. Tag all those wonderful things fan arts and everything you possibly want us to be tagged in and we will take care of you right there also. On Facebook search, double toasted. You will find their updates on all of our party DT stuff, including our four Denver Serie Halloween party. But if you don't want to do all that and you want some of that bracket critique time, you could always find me seventies us on Facebook, the Mexa liens on all their forms of social media. Chris, we're gonna find you into after shaker twitch under Mr. revenue, seven content classic last dot net, so much concept, but please we're so rotary out here all wait a minute. That's an appropriate. Dang relying was so close the Asian episode. No, ours, no English. No, none of that. And I was thirty twenty eight seconds away for not putting any sort of racism in this episode. God dang on me. But anyway, you're gonna make thunder dome. Not rotary lonely in the world, famous double toes, the studio. So come on down and I will be sure to not insult your Asian hood or whatever. Have you. So. That's it. That's it. You know, I will say thanks for watching joins us next week, eight o'clock Saint time, same place and be sure to remember to say good morning, good evening, whatever you listen to this or watching this goodbye and stay show. See, totally fucked that up.

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