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Just so many others did on nine eleven within <hes> several months. I was in afghanistan to reestablish our embassy. <hes> on the of march two thousand two we we held a ceremony around the flagpole the american embassy <hes> the other side of ground zero if you will to <hes> mark that sad occasion and also to state our determination we were in afghanistan we had brought down the government at harvard. The <hes> the terrorists we set out initiatives again very early during my tenure there to bring afghan girls and women back into society girls who've been denied education when the taliban came to power. We're now walking away from all that we are walking away from the the <hes> afghan girls and women that we urge to step forward saying we've got your back what we don't have their back anymore. They'll pay the price not us but looming behind all of that is again. We're setting the stage for exactly what happened on the eleventh of september in two thousand one and it is very painful to watch final ambassador supporters of the taliban tweeting that they've won the war and defeated the united states is just like the mujahedeen beat the soviets do do you see it that way. They certainly haven't defeated this militarily. You know we remain the most powerful force on on earth but unfortunately the <hes> the rush for the exit <hes> that this <hes> this administration has decided on allows allows them to put that out there that they stood against the united states just like they stood against the soviets and again very much as the <hes> the viet cong and the north vietnamese. He's were able to say in paris so it's a it's a pretty sad moment again on. Our military certainly didn't lose a war. <hes> the politicians nations just got tired of it and said let it go and that's what we're doing. We'll pay the price or that down the road as will the afghans ryan crocker one of nine nine former ambassadors who have published a memorandum to express their concerns about the draft deal between the u._s. and the taliban ambassador. Thank you very much thank you. Let's catch up on british politics now. The parties that opposed brexit or using every conceivable maneuver to stop prime minister boris johnson from allowing the u._k. To leave leave the european union on october thirty first with no plan going forward. The divisions are stark still today. Prime minister johnson and said brexit is actually the way a to unite the country the longer this goes on the more dithering delay we have from <hes> from parliament inspired. I'm afraid by jeremy corbyn the worst thing we'll be throwing his main political rival jeremy corbyn under the bus there when johnson was asked if you'll go back to brussels seeking a new brexit deal he said i'd rather be dead in a ditch to give it to resign fast minister of than going after that i just don't i really cost a billion pounds a month breath..

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