A new story from Eddie and Rocky


Could just stay on the phone with for hours and and as an actor he works really hard now sometimes in the world of music there's a different kind of well not a discipline that you would have in the tv or movie business right at the different work ethic he's sort of the way opposite of what you would think so he's he comes to work about an hour early you know he has his lines he's kind of the exact opposite of what you would expect the rapper stereotype to be he has no entourage he comes by himself you know he brings his own barber but other than that he's just he works like that detail and he's very focused he's really really focused serious yeah he wants the show to be huge well he was lucky right or he was right he says he always says i knew it was going to be huge so when you go out to pitch power is it you and fifty it was me and fifty and chris lady andrew miller my agent mark canton producer randall emmett was there he's another producer on the show he was in a partnership with fifty at the time i was the only woman did you feel like anybody was like i i don't know how can you be the show runner because it's this no i think they liked the story i was telling and i think it helped me a great deal that i was coming off of the good wife so i was proven and so how many places do you pitch it power we pitched at showtime and we pitched at fx and then so stars is really making some moves i mean you're already your fifth you're just starting your six i guess we're about to air the fifth season and we're in the writer's room on the sixth yeah and chris albrecht has a storied past at hbo some bad things we got some trouble for some very nice put behavior very very bad but also the taste that defined hbo for a long time yes i felt it took awhile and now it's starting to your show is big it's i think it's their biggest by far it's weird right because you're not the only showrunner who has this experience you do a show that has a huge audience and yet that doesn't get into that chattering class conversations yeah we've never been there and i think there are a couple of reasons why but the number one reason is that i think our network did not set out to make it a general admission show they set out to get this specific audience and did a an underserved audience yes and and i think they were pleasantly surprised at how well it did and how much sort of total domination of that audience it began to have i pushed for more more more attention to the idea that more people would be interested in the show or are we saying they didn't market to white audiences i'm saying that both fifty and i pushed very hard for jochen corridor be on the poster the second year i just explain for radio people tommy is a white character on the show right of leads this show is not a black show the show is multicultural show based in new york have had characters that are white korean serbian albanian cuban mexican dominican we have the show is so richly diverse and really about new york it's been a struggle it's been a there's a marketing department going on we don't want to put the white guy in the picture i think that the net work did not prioritize crossover and i think we lost you lost at this point pun terrible you don't have the power to make them do what you want them to it's not but i think isn't that just as the ship has sailed you know i think that we were i mean can you feel like you could sort of well i guess it's your well into the story at this point maybe it's hard i think our third season was an incredible season of television nice went my favorites and i think if it didn't happen that year i don't know that that's.

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