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Legalization sorry about that and so the next five minutes right now the thirty three minutes past six o'clock time for traffic and weather together it's super retailers of knowing that all wheel drive traffic on the threes and it's picking up about their lord certainly is we have some problems though on I ninety five north on its left wing collision right by one fifty two in north Attleboro watch out for delays there let's get a check to of the lower end of one twenty eight Kristin neck is over in the my free insurance copter yeah things have gotten busy here loreal one twenty eight north bound the delays start at ninety five accounting you're going to be on the brakes right up past university Alki street room one finally gets a little better after you were north of one oh nine up in the dead of a stretch Kristin the copter another crash causing delays on either side of the road ninety three north bound the crash has three lanes blocked with only the right lane getting passed to after one twenty five in Wilmington traffic is stop route sixty two to that point southbound curiosity delays causing more problems passing the north bound incident what you get past it slow through Wilmington to Montvale and Roosevelt circle in December bill will be good news that we have that problem with the disabled tractor trailer on the eastbound side of the mass pike that is cleared it was just before the Westboro service area however traffic still has to get back up to speed still slow for about five miles before one twenty two in Grafton Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the three is going to look great out there today who's far so it's going to feel not so much temperatures struggling to make it out of the freezing point maybe mid thirties in Boston despite.

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