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Although on a per capita basis there are astoundingly. Bad in places. Like north dakota south dakota montana wyoming utah zero missouri iowa nebraska places like that sort of upper midwest in terms of total cases. Texas now dominates the largest amount of all cases than illinois which really is kind of part of this upper midwest cluster and california's because our population so large. So that's what's going on in the in california however the signs as of like right now today is that we were in a plateau We're still at the tail end of the second wave of the epidemic without a lot of new evidence of a third wave. Starting although there have been some worrisome spikes and a few places but we'll have to see how those shakeout over the next couple of days whether those are just artifacts of people showing up all showing up at the same time to get diagnosed or whether they really are the start of a large Upsurge california's done really quite well. Compared to the other states for sure in terms of being able to stabilize Infection rates stabilized hospitalization rates and stabilize the test positively. It's a big complex thing trying to understand what's going on in california. What goes on in imperial county and what goes on del norte. County could not be more diametrically opposed. So it's it's it's big it's complicated. There's infinite amount of detail i mean. We obviously closed down really early. And there's other states that did as well we're just seeing those policies. Play out now. Is that. that's what i'm here with. The upper midwest steph. Those are states. that didn't have masking. Didn't have the kind of shutdowns that we have gone through. It was the wisconsin. Supreme court said. It was unconstitutional invoice in one one evening in may there now just being slammed like So our our early shutdown That's kind of long ago and far away at this point in time there's essentially no residual from it except economic in terms of disease transmission long on the second phase the second wave of the epidemic was quite generalized. It involved disproportionately Latino population of the state both in urban areas like the fruitvale district and oakland and the mission san francisco but also in agricultural areas. And we're still seeing high rates in cinema monterey imperial riverside counties which i think are probably kind of the tail end of the agricultural harvesting season Where we're still seeing the farm workers who are being disproportionately affected but beyond that in. That's kind of coming down. But that's coming down is a natural phenomenon because people are going to go back to their regular houses and not be living in. You know marginal housing in your the fields. I would hope that that dissipates over time. Now the other thing that's going on school reopening in school reopening as is a real thing that's going on and much of the state a slowly our opening the elementary schools i Which is the prudent thing to do. And we have not seen any school outbreaks yet. We've seen college outbreaks and but most of the colleges are pretty much sure shutdown right down. So that's ms unfortunately if you're your college student it's fortunate for disease control standpoint right. And how are you feeling about the vaccine research where we are with development of a vaccine..

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