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Big blue view. Hope everyone is doing well out there on this wednesday march thirty first as we get closer and closer to the nfl draft. This is a a big week in draft preparation process of course with many of the top programs in the country holding their pro days this week. We've seen alabama hold a second pro day. We've seen the ohio. State buckeyes hold their pro day today. We see notre dame florida and lsu hold their pro days little bit later on in the program. I'll be talking. To jiaxuan sb nations notre dame website. One foot down to discuss some of the the fighting irish prospects in the upcoming draft But first few things that That i wanted to talk about in relation to pro days in relation to the draft. You know with your new york. Giants look been made in recent days including at big blue view about the presence of giants head coach. Joe judge at the penn state in miami pro days to watch Mostly defensive players like mike. Parsons of penn. State like jason away of penn state trio of edge rushers out miami jalen phillips gregory rousseau and in quincy rochet all of those players who have Been connected to the giants in in one way shape or form throughout the draft process We asked our writers at big blue view if In a round table that that posted on wednesday morning if that was a quote unquote tell of what the giants plans were in the upcoming draft. Mostly our writers believed that. It's not necessarily a tell what what i say is look the giants with what they've done in free agency adding a couple of big players in kenny golladay. In dorie jackson in adding depth throughout the roster the giants have put themselves in a draft position where they can look at the the board at number eleven and take the player that they think is the biggest difference maker. Whether that's an offensive lineman whether it's a wide receiver whether it's an edge rusher whether it's mike parsons. They're in a position where the board should favor them with five. Quarterbacks expected to come off the board in the first in the first ten picks possibly at least four perhaps five depending on on how teams see justin fields in mack jones. But saw the board is shaping favorably for the giants so they should have lots of options and the fact that yes they they could use offensive tackle help or offensive line help. Excuse me. I think they need help. More guard than tackle to be honest they could use an edge rusher. Of course. I don't believe they have to force a pick. I don't believe there pick has to be an edge rusher or has to be an offensive lineman or has to be a wide receiver. The pit can be whatever player at whatever position. The giants believe can make the biggest impact for their football team. So we'll see how we'll see how that all plays out wanted to To mention just a couple of things about the pro days the alabama pro day was interesting because we saw devante smith wide receiver here on a few routes. But really this week. We didn't see jalen waddell run kind of wanted to see him. Run to see how healthy he is. but chose not to not to work out. So we'll see how How teams view. Waddell coming off. The the fractured will that he suffered last season. Waddell of course Could still be in play for the giants at eleven. And i would have no problem with with that. Pick to be honest with you. Even though the giants added added kenny golladay. So we'll see how that plays out just in fields was of course the the primary attraction at the ohio state pro day to be honest though. I'm more interested to see how the giants about guard a guy like guard. Y davis or linebacker barron browning on guys who play positions where the giants could Could obviously use some some help but still heading into the twenty twenty one season on the schedule. Today is the the notre dame pro day and we'll talk to joshua voles of one foot down about that in just a minute also the lsu pro day where we'll get to see jomar chase workout after having opted out of the twenty twenty season chase could easily be the first receiver off the board. I think he's the number one wide receiver in the class. We'll see if nfl teams happen to agree other guys of note at lsu or wide receiver. Therese marshall linebacker. Djibrill cox in nose. Tackle tyler. shelving others so stay tuned to big blue view for for our Pro day coverage later on as we try to bring you some of the results from from today's pro day. Also the other pro day of note today will be the the florida pro day where kyle pits and wide. Receiver could area's tony will be the star. Attractions are giants fans. Let's let's take a break here for a word from our sponsors when we come back up play for you. The interview that i did with joshua volts of sb nations. One foot down when you know your game is.

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