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If Mayfield didn't have these success. He did it Oklahoma. If he didn't have the success. He did this year in the NFL as a smaller guy coming out of that Oklahoma system with Lincoln Riley. Now, I think we saw the even though that Oklahoma system is very wide open and very Koiji there. Still a lot of NFL concepts and NFL throws that are in debt system. And we saw Mayfield was able to do that with the Browns this year, especially when he got some better coaching that was not Hugh Jackson and Todd Haley. So I absolutely think that Mayfield success absolutely paved the way for for Murray to possibly be. Hi draft pick and not not just get drafted. But be a high draft pick this year. Yeah. Absolutely. And also Baker success as a an undersized quarterback because this time last year, everybody's oh he's he's too short. You'll never be able to see over the offensive line, which when you've got. Six foot six six foot eight offense of tackles Hilo, see over them as Brock Osweiler in. I don't think that's anybody's prototypical quarterback. Baker. I think has done a lot for calamari to make this decision even possible and from there, there's some pretty interesting dominoes to fall. I think one of the reasons we have expected debris to pick baseball's because of the guaranteed money that was already there. He got a contract that was already like five million dollars and the difference between the guaranteed money in baseball and football. But I think quarterback is probably the one place where it actually does make more sense to play football. Because especially if he's going to be a high pick he's going to get a nice guaranteed contract and that fifth year option. And if he is even just an average quarterback there's a lot of money coming down the line or just being average. And if he's better than that. Then he's going to get hey, you what of money, and it's going to be hard to match the quarterback money in baseball. Now say if he was a wide receiver or almost any other position, I think it would make a lot more sense to play baseball. Like Jeff's, Marsha was very good bide receiver. He absolutely made the right choice to to play baseball. Because he made a lot more money as a pitcher then he ever would have made as a wide receiver. Even if he was one of the league's best wide receivers. So I think in that terms, and if he wants to go the football round, I think that does make a lot of sense for him now. And as he goes in that like, you said a lot of things are going to continue to be very fluid in this quarterback situation. So now there might be two guys who are worthy of going in the top ten when for a long time. We adjust only been talking about one basically since Justin Herbert said he was going to stay in school. So that makes it possibly if you're looking at the giants. And if they were maybe looking at at Haskins or just a quarterback in general, even though there was only one there were still the potential of someone to weep them in a trade and grab the guy, and then you're left with no one. Now, there's maybe possibly the second option. So that. Opens it up for four some more training in more. Maneuvering maybe in in the first part of the draft. And then I guess we can talk about this of what it possibly does at first overall..

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