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A professional dancer I got cut and rejected, from every, audition not Tallinna not blend in and not twelve octave range and. Not pretty enough Not enough so that's Madonna at the VM, as paying, tribute to Aretha Franklin tablet get to your chuckle in a second What did you think about, that, speech well I in the? Moment thought it was incredibly uncomfortable and I think as we all, know. The next day Madonna did you know Kind of defend herself on Instagram when. She said I was asked to present a video of the year by and then they asked me to share any anecdotes I had in my career connected to Aretha Franklin she goes on to say that she. Was in no way shape. Or form paying tribute that what this event was was not the place for it and that she was performing what she was asked to do, so I think that's interesting I don't know if even if. I was asked to. Do what she was able to do if I would have gone that course of direction but she said, she? Was, asked to give a personal anecdote so that is. Interesting but you said at least that you weren't exactly surprised to see. Madonna in the headlines after the AMA's? Right, no I'm a little surprised fill a little bit, too all Tom to keep having to respond to being, angry, about Madonna isn't She started angering people have the as in nineteen Eighty-four. On everyone she knows how to play this game and you, just play right into it isn't everyone board I don't know, I mean I'm wondering tabby what did you think. Of it all I mean maybe this goes right. Back to you know a lot of people are talking about post awards the relevancy of MTV today if Madonna is who choose in two thousand eighteen to patriots you're either Franklin maybe you need to rethink your. Strategy a little bit maybe. A little bit so Madonna was one of the very few representatives of the old guard of populism mentioned she's been shocking people there since eighty, four though I should say Jennifer Lopez was given the video. Vanguard award so let's. Let's take a Madonna and Jennifer Lopez out of the equation a lot of the folks on Twitter and, I'll? Say, people over twenty five over thirty we're asking who. Everybody else was because they've never performances from pretty much Hayley Kiyoko Baz Juice world I'm. Just stabbing it, pronunciations of that because I also over thirty Lisa where, you scratching your head at. Any of this. Well of course I should be I'm way older. Than that I should not know all of these people it'd be odd if, I did I'm? Always expecting award. Shows to, surprise me and. I'm also aware that there's a lot? Of artists, on YouTube that I don't know, about and, I think that's great I think that's exciting if, MTV is reaching out into. Those other areas I think they're doing their job tab what, did you think. Of it all I mean while I think that's true I think it's clear. They're trying to try and regain some relevancy with the younger viewers who are on over. On YouTube watching all these people these these, YouTubers have millions and millions of followers these are all the teens. That MTV wants right now if they are going to regain relevancy it's. Not with the generation after generation came up with MTV it's the younger viewership that's gonna. Refresh whatever it is that I'm TV becomes in the future but but it didn't work This was the lowest rated VM as ever what you what do you make of, that I think as. One of the writers for escort said this week. I was a show that tried to sort of be everything and ended up being nothing to. Nobody I mean here you. Had boomers wondering who tattooed post. Malone was hanging out. With Steven Tyler, who they might know whereas the teens were like I, don't know who this grandfather So if I want to say Why is? Post Malone playing with Jack Sparrow You know in in of trying to do that Masha of the celebrities on the stars that MTV usually always goes to with trying to regain relevant to in bringing. This whole new YouTube vanguard onto the scene I. Don't know that that uncomfortable Masha but the but the hard thing about measuring success in this era also is we're. Not measuring the viral video that? Came after did someone watch it, on Facebook did they watch it on Twitter like it's hard to measure the success and it's even hard to measure what. They even want this show to do anymore M. v as are. Coming up this week which is the much music video wards at least I mean how does this show like that. Stay relevant if the MTV amazing? Are struggling well if it was? Up to me you just make it very Canadian I mean that's what we want we want rain well hey of Seth You know. Seth Rogan since calibrate why can't we just think there's an opportunity to cater, to our audience they're going to keep getting smaller and I think that's what we, all need to do everyone needs to do what you've got to adjust what you measure success especially you know. For much music that's always been a a smaller slice and I think that. As long as you're catering to some. People and, again it's hard to measure because it's, going to be, watched on so many different platforms all the viral stuff that comes after what, is the success for the Canadian artists themselves to. Get the, exposure so I think it's just getting harder to measure what a success is? Anymore, tabby leave the last word to, you I mean as as youngsters. Are leaving, the tube oh my. God one hundred. Years, old, as as We're, all getting there are we gonna see these these award shows fade away how did, they stay relevant maybe the memory is is an interesting example and Lisa's point while I do think they could. Maybe have that nation going Canadian they actually haven't not I mean looking at. Their hosts that they've chosen Aquafina who. Is an, Asian American rapper actor she's having a, huge moment right, now she's in the biggest movie And even their their lineup of. Stars right now who have is I. Mean there's Halsey there is So many people that have, these big, summer hits right now And. Not, only that they also have decided to bring Chinese singer Chris woo Hoo is one of the biggest stars in. Asia and k pop has a huge global following right now so it does seem to me that somebody there has their finger on the pulse and nose sort of how to bring. All those factors, together that maybe didn't happen at the Vietnamese so you know or they're throwing spaghetti at. The wall spaghetti at the wall is always an interesting story See what sticks that's thanks for coming in thank, you Eliza Christie's in is. The earth's reporter for on the coast Vancouver thanks Lisa thanks for having me and. Tabassum Siddique's freelance music writer and juror for the Polaris music prize Tennessee against issue to coming up next on cube, here quenchers is going to introduce you.

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