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Dennis grounds at the bottom of the hour Thoughts of Niners Antioxidant University, Washington So he knows not Kevin Youkilis, who not only knows baseball, but those beers Lo Brewing company. He'll join us at noon, and then Trent Williams at 12 20. He owns Jim So that's on Scott Miller. Dr Probation, so Rip off the knob is we often say One big NBA note that happened just about when we went on the Air. General Mori has signed a five year contract to be the head of basketball ops for the Philadelphia 70. Sixers. Which is interesting in that. Originally Everybody said, Well, they're not gonna trade Simmons. They're not gonna trade indeed. What is this, Darryl? More We want to get a bunch of guys in there 67 and under to Jack the ball up all over the place because Simmons can't shoot indeed. 7 ft. Tall. So what do you think? Well, I mean, when Daryl resigned in Houston, you knew something was curious. And he had a bad year this year. Whether or not you believe with this with his comments about Hong Kong and The tweets that were going on. I guess about a year ago when the envious season was starting And they were going to China. It costs the N B a a lot of money. And Ah, you know, I'm not going to say what he what he tweeted is not accurate, are From his heart, but it it had an impact on his relationship in the N B, A and AA I know that he makes the big move Teo to bring in Russell Westbrook the earlier summer and, you know Chris Paul was obviously aging, but you know, it puts a lot of money and do it and changes the way they play. Capella gets traded middle of the year he goes to a really excessive small ball, where They're not just turning to their chuckwagon lineup featuring Fi J. Tucker. It's center. But there, that's all they do. And Ah, you know, so they and the owner there? A Tilman Fertitta is a bit of a wild card. It's a It's a new ownership group going back. You know Leslie Alexander from years before and He's a hothead, and he wasn't happy. I think that all stamps from the Warriors beating on the year before after Andre got hurt. And the chances that they had or even after Durant got hurt. I was Jews to cop three years ago when I won a couple of years ago, when Durant got hurt, they still couldn't beat the Warriors at home without Durant. So s so I didn't know what was going on. I thought his cachet in the N B. A had fallen off a little bit, and he's kind of an interesting guy, you often said when he was in Houston. That he was going to move on. He was going to be there. So maybe it was the ownership for two to coming in. And They're both had strong guys and he left. But I and my first question is what what's going on without brand Is he just out in Philadelphia completely. And Ah, my second reaction was what they trade Ben Simmons. If he wants to have you know a team like he had a huge did and there's no, It's not like the analytics. They're any different and it's It's ironic because we're You know, analyzing everything The champion Bay Rays have done and you know the whole sabermetrics analytics, community and baseballs. On the line now with what they did last night to two giveaway Game six of the world, Siri's and in the N B, a You know what the Warriors success in the mid range shot of Durant and the Lakers or a good three point shooting chain. But that's not why they won. They made enough to reach when they had to, and I think the bubble helped him. But his mores way of just going. You know, Don Nelson would love it, but the league has caught up to it a lot. On Just not, you know, shooing the The mid range game. So what does he do with Van Simmons? Can they? I mean, Ben Simmons when he finds out this news doesn't go right in the gym and start, you know, chucking up threes. He does it anyway. But I don't know if he's ever gonna have that kind of game. He just doesn't have that. So what? They trade him. I mean, what? Daryl Morey. Trade a guy or is he you know, he went got Russell Westbrook, John, and he's a horrible three point shooter, which I couldn't understand what he wanted to play faster. He wanted to get the ball a hardened, saying it's more. He wanted the double point Guard concept and Paul At that time looked old and slow, and Paul got revitalized, Goingto Casey. I don't know. But it it I did not see this coming. I did not. Ah, kind of thought maybe he would leave Houston. But I don't know I didn't hear any rumors about it. But Where what happens down on brand And what do they do with Vance Simmons are my two main questions now than if you're the Warriors, and that's where I was going with it. Yeah. Warriors, would you want Ben Simmons? What was you? Which would you want that seven? I don't know enough. Obviously, they've done all the research on these guys. But it's such an uncertain draft at the top. It's going to depend on if the Warriors have at number two. You know whether it's Wiseman or ball or Edward's or whatever. I think they would look at it and say Okay, number one. You're getting a cheaper player..

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