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The Rush Limbaugh show next at noon on seven ten w. Yeah. Russia's coming up in less than six minutes or so. So make sure you hang on for that. So this whole texting and walking, and nobody paying attention is driving me up. The freaking wall, I get out of the train today at Grand Central and, you know, it's crowded as people walk in the platform to get into into the terminal and people are, are looking down at their phones as they're walking into crowds. And then I go into the main building, you know, the terminal, the clock is, and people are crisscrossing all over the place and what are they doing? They're looking at their phone. They're they're staring into their hand doing whatever they're doing. But what they're not doing is paying attention. And they're bumping into me, and it really bothers me and then I'm walking to go to the subway. And the people doing the same thing. Now, I know it's annoying, but it's not this annoying. We're New Yorkers. Where they're actually legislators in Albany that wanna make it a crime. You probably heard about if you didn't hear about this. I think it was earlier in this week. To assembly, an assemblyman and a Senator John Lou from queens a Lulu and assemblyman Felix Ortiz from the Bronx are both trying to make it a crime. They would impose a twenty or fifty dollar. Fine on first time offenders. But this is specifically if you're in a crosswalk. And then if you get a second offense with an eighteen months, you get a two hundred fifty dollar fine. So I mean I understand why I just don't agree with the knee dabble law for this and what we're cracks me up is one of these Lower East Side residents when asked in the newspaper articles can we vote these lawmakers out of office since their brain dead? Now, actually, you're the brain dead person, I guarantee you voted for these Democrats in the past elections, and you will vote for them again next time. So you're just as to blame as anybody else. But I look, I understand why they would do it. I just don't agree with the law. I just hope people have more commonsense and unfortunately, there's not a lot of it, and it was a tragedy, the other day, too, and you see this all the time. There was a twenty one year old Oregon state student. She fell one hundred feet. Choose taking pictures on her phone at a coastal viewpoint along highway one. Oh one. And she fell she wasn't paying attention. She, she's, she's looking at her phone, taking pictures that she fell one hundred feet, and she landed into a tree, which that was the only thing that prevented from splashing into the Pacific Ocean. But she was critically injured. It took hours and hours for the rescue team to get to her. And by the time they did they had the row per up. And by the time she got to Portland, she was dead. And that's tragedy. And but that is not uncommon. You hear that and see that all the time. It's like people with their GPS instead of looking at the road and using commonsense wherever wherever the GPS tells you to go even if it's off a cliff. You're gonna drive off the cliff because that probably quicker. But I'm just so it's just it's gotten to the point where it is just beyond annoying. And people don't even care. And that's all they do whenever you see just take a look next time. You're in a crowd at a ballgame people pay God, how much money for a ticket to go see a game I was at a Yankee game a week ago, whatever it was. And all you see people not even watching the game that they paid this tremendous amount of money for, and they're sipping their fifteen dollars cores light. And they're they're on their their phone. It's like can you can you live without it for a minute. An inning pitch. People can't. There should be a law for that. Wait a minute. That was a proposal for that. I just said, I was against it. Maybe I'm for it now anyway. It's, it's coming up noon, which means I'm outta here, and it's time for everybody to get ready for Memorial Day, which of course it's fleet week he got all people coming in. That's going to be great and Memorial Day, just so you know, as you start thinking about this weekend. It's obviously to honor the men and women who died while serving the US military. It's always, of course, on the last Monday of may. It was originally it was originally called decoration day because it followed the after the civil war, they would decorate the cemeteries and everything would flags and eventually became a federal holiday in one thousand nine hundred seventy one and you know what the first city or first place to celebrate Memorial Day. Waterloo. New York is the birthplace of a Memorial Day, and whereas Waterloo. It's an Seneca county in the finger lakes. Beautiful town. I've been there. All right. Thank you for me. It was it was great to be with you. I hope you have a great safe fun filled. Sun filled Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy it. Enjoy time with your family, relax, Mark Simone we back next week. Rush Limbaugh is up next,.

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