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King County are so fed up with property crime that their dishing out thousands of dollars to track anyone coming in and out of their neighborhood Almost Jackie Kent reports the technology is being used by more and more people in our state And went upstairs went through all her jewelry ripped all her stuff off It was that devastating home burglary and other property crimes and his neighborhood that inspired dawn to look into getting extra security We do feel that this is a viable crime prevention and fighting tool The older meadow HOA invested in a so called flock camera The camera snaps the license plates of anyone entering or leaving this community Not everybody wants these cameras They are concerned with privacy There was a big debate before and we had a vote of all the homeowners and it was go for it The ACLU of Washington tells us it's concerned about neighborhoods acting as surveillance partners with law enforcement calling this data storage invasive and enabling law enforcement to undertake widespread systematic surveillance Jackie Kent come on news Man's died in the hospital at Bellingham after being shot last week by a sedro woolley police officer 51 year old David Babcock was shot late Wednesday night after officers attempted to stop him in the area of fruitdale and mcgarry roads the shooting happened at short time after police in Mount Vernon say Babcock fled a traffic stop there the investigation into the shooting continues Now the debate intensified the state capitol today over those do it yourself ghost guns John lobert reports They can be voted online put together at home there's no background check no serial number Jordan Ferguson Spokane PD These weapons can not be traced by law enforcement making it harder to solve crimes House bills 1705 would ban ghost guns sponsored Liz berry Between 2016 and 2020 law enforcement recovered near 24,000 ghost guns And we know there are so many more out there that are being recovered But if the gun was made before 2019 this law wouldn't touch it Andrew Weiss is worried about the unintended consequences Black people are more likely to get searched by police and be charged with 9 but I'm suggesting crimes just like the one that's built creates This will lead to an even greater number of black people arrested in jail If the bill passes all firearms bought in Washington including ghost guns would require unique serial numbers be etched into the weapon John lobert northwest news radio the bill of modifying the standard for use of physical force by law enforcement has already cleared the state house today they had a hearing in the Senate the measure would allow physical force when someone flees an investigatory stop In some cases we've tipped the balance the wrong way and unfairly hamstrung our officers without instead of decisiveness leaving them with confusion rather than clarity This Renton mayor Armando pavone a Republican's unsuccessfully pushed for a measure that would allow police officers to engage in vehicular pursuits when there is reasonable suspicion that someone has committed a violent offense And the Richland Fred Meyer store will one person was shot and killed and another person was wounded earlier this month is now open for business once again Reopened Sunday after being closed for nearly two weeks the accused shooter 39 year old Aaron Kelly will be formally arraigned this week So you've been charged with count one first degree murder.

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