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Pennsylvania breeding and racing. This is Brian San Fratello. Please visit us at PA bread dot com. Villes dot com is a cost effective tiny saving painful Israelis benders. Rated the generate electron ick invoice England's own vendors who can pay through horse bills dot com for just fifty six turnovers in minutes with our easy. Use some have our team take over your bookkeeping or continue to do it yourself only monkey subscription checkout. Our video tutorial on the horse to champ and get started for free or spills dot com. Toll free number eight eight nine eight four six four three. Bringing down the biggest stories in the world of horse race. This is at the raises with Steve Vic on Sirius XM. We're back at the raises back with you live after little little mid February. They Cajun which first time I've ever done it. And we've had a wonderful time between New Orleans, and then.

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