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WFLA Tampa W. X. T. beach due to Clearwater W. two six five C. demand that point W. two thirty three eighteen Gulfport W. two nine zero BJ west storms that rolled across much of the state yesterday included a tornado that touched down in Flagler county it knocked down trees and power lines tore off roofs of some houses near highway three oh four and U. S. one but no reports of injuries no details from investigators yet on the shooting at the Tampa police officers home and lift your Friday that left a fifteen year old boy is dead a nonprofit group called operation lotus that supports families that have experienced a sudden loss identified the victim as Bradley Hewlett the Hillsborough County sheriff's office calls this a tough case to handle because of the age because of my own children I think about my own family captain Preston hollow says three other boys ages fifteen and sixteen were in the home while the officer was away at work he did not say who's gone it was Florida's space coast has a big week scheduled for launches SpaceX will launch a falcon nine rocket from Cape Canaveral tomorrow night that will carry a broadband communications satellite built by Boeing Boeing has a big lunch Friday the test of its starliner crew capsule to the international space station no astronaut travel in this one but will on the next one if all goes well Boeing and SpaceX both hope to become the first private company to fly astronaut from NASA early next year the deadline comes tonight to sign up for an affordable Care Act health insurance policy for next year Florida.

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