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It is got the whole package right here. And it's Dr David Klein is there for you. It's not like his his name is on the wall. But you never seen. He's there. Believe me can go. Always there. Yeah. I'll be talking about it. I mean walk around the corner. See what you can't get out of that. We are filling up those phone lines pretty quick. So we may have to cut them off pretty quickly. I don't know we may have room for one or two more of a Robin Deltona what's going on with you. Yes. Hi, rob. Thank you. And thank you. Dr Klein, my problem is this. I started riding a bicycle added to my exercise program and on standing to get after about twenty or thirty minutes. I get this numbness in my groin. And it's like really numb my whole all my genitals. And everything, you know, wondering if that's going to is at an issue, or should I be concerned that only if you plan to use them for anything meaningful? Okay. So the answer the question is. Yes. Okay. You've okay. Your body is talking to you know, that that bicycle seat that you're sitting on its narrow. Okay. That's a real it's hitting. It's hitting a nerve cult dental nerve now in obstetrics gynecology. We'll go ahead, and we'll do but dental nerve blocks you get up into the into the giant which you don't have. Okay. And you can very easily nail this nerve. And it numbs the whole area the whole vaginal vault. Well in men, you'll feel it in the scrotum you'll feel it portions of the rest of the genitalia. Basically if you're sitting on that area. Your weight is putting pressure on the issue to veracity, and that's causing pressure on the dental nerve. Don't do it. Okay. Because the last thing that you want to do is to damage those nerves. Okay. There are people out there that that find it difficult to have let's say intimate relations with whomever. Okay. Once those nerves are damaged. So what you wanna do is get yourself a fat bicycle seat. You know, the kind when I was a kid. Okay. They had these big fete by seats. Okay. I don't even know if you can still get them you might have to go to an antique store to find them. But that is what you ought to be putting on your bike. Now, people are gonna think there's something wrong with you. But you can smile to yourself. And know that that that you're that you're hydraulics down below will continue to work. So every time that thing gets numbed down there. You're doing some damage and one day it isn't going to do as well as you might think. So rob, please get yourself off that bicycle until you can get one those fat old fashioned bicycle seats or fund a different hobby, and to quote, a doctor friend of mine, then you'll be more like that. Today you bitch. That's an emergency. Yes. Like my God, man. Get off the bike. He'll rail either pay him in Orlando what your question. Pam. In regards to this needles all over the radio. I was a kid my two doses. Head of tighter done about ten years ago, which was within range, and they're just making it sound like everyone needs one. Anyway, could you explain the deal with with measles? Okay. Is that a certain portion these people will die if the measles or you can end up with certain types of neurological issues that you'll wish you were dead and the vaccine is very cheap. It's very easy. It's essentially without any side effect whatsoever. Certainly the the risks are much much less than the risk that when you turn the key of your car to drive some place, you know, well, you know, there's people out there that can develop allergic reactions. We'll tell you what everybody takes risks in their life. Every day every time you get in your car. There's a reasonable expectation of the finite risk that you'll never make it home. Yet. We will still go out to buy a pizza or some such. Meaningful activities going to a movie. So yes, do I think you need to go. Get the MR. I don't know about that. Okay. If you're tighter was good, leave it alone. But I'll tell you what I would do fire you, and that would be to make sure that your per Tusis inoculation is up and running. That's hooping cough. Hooping cough of the vaccination. Only lasts ten years and pertussis is a son of a gun. Okay. That is the one you ought to be paying attention to the PT. Okay. That gets to the protest diphtheria as well as protest since inexpensive. All in my opinion. All adults ought to be looking at doing a DPT every seven to ten years. So it's been over seven to ten years. That's what you need to line up to do if you over the age of fifty get yourself shingles vaccine. Okay. Because you want to not develop shingles. But as a measles concerned, our biggest issue, there are these small populations of people that for whatever misguided reason, they don't believe in getting inoculations that puts us all at risk for something called a herb of hurt. Meter a heard resistance, okay. In order for nepotistic to occur. You have to have a certain portion of population that susceptible, and when you end up with sub segments of the population where none of them are not related, then it gives these infections foothold, and we've got all of these people coming in from all over the world, undocumented unanticipated non supported, and so and so forth. We are going to be seeing all kinds of infections in this country. And it's just a matter of time measles, just the I just wait until we see polio. Again. That's just coming. What's the next one? We're gonna see TB it's coming. All right. These are these are infections that we have effectively dealt with because we could control the population coming in when we control the population through Ellis Island. You you were examined okay before you're allowed into the country here. They're just flying in. Okay. I'm just gonna walk across the border dot dot. And we're gonna see issues. So what do I think about measles if you have kids get them inoculated? Okay. That's for darn sure. But for adults. It's a real human beings. Get the DP and get the shingles vaccine there's not much you can do about Tamara successors to keep your eyes open. Okay. But these are the sorts of things we're going gonna see more and more of an it's going to happen within the next couple of years. Wait interesting texts coming in you, callers, please be patient unrelated surgery back in two thousand eight but has lost the normal taste normal. Taste of food is not returned an MRI showed nothing wrong. But mustard vinegar cetera makes the mouth feel like it's called ING. Interesting problem. Okay. I've done many general anaesthetic in my life. I'd be curious to know, what the type of surgery was that led up to this. Okay. Was an EMT type procedure is something along the lines looking at sinuses because you can end up with persistent infection in the sinus that can do this. So if you have a fungal sinus infection, it can make food's taste, very, very peculiarly. You can also get it from a b twelve deficiency. You can get it from a certain other, Mike. Nutrient deficiencies, but what I would do with this individual would be to find out whether there's something going on in the sinuses. And then go ahead and pop him or her with five hundred thousand micrograms of b twelve and see if that doesn't straight it out. Okay. So for five bucks worth of b twelve you can know fairly quickly with that's the issue. But my money goes on the sinus issue, I go to Jason right here on our Jason. Thank you so much for holding. And you're on the air with Dr Klein, go ahead. Hey decline a day for taking my call. My dad was recently diagnosed with a says Caesar cesary syndrome, and they found it in the bone marrow, and they had a pet scan. And they said it hadn't travelled to any lymph nodes. But so he's in the process of finding out, of course of treatment. But until then what can you recommend as far as nutraceutical or anything that that he should be loading up on to to kind of combat this? He's cake. But first question is how did he present where they would go into a bone marrow biopsy? What was what was the symptom? Well, well, for some time it just a rash all over his body. Okay. And then and then they would treat it with oh with different things topical treatments, and those sort of things, and and it just wouldn't go away. We wouldn't go wouldn't go away still multiple skin doctors. And then he went to a a orthopedic not an orthopedic, but a. Rheumatologist, and and then he's the one that sent him to an oncologist. And then they said, hey, I think we need to look into this further. So then the colleges Ed had done a bone marrow biopsy. And then that's when they determined that. Okay. There's more to more to the story. Okay. I would want to know what what clinical finding got them a pointed in that direction because it would make a big difference. Okay today. Find the. Until until I have that data. Okay. My recommendations can be really really guarded, generally speaking. Okay. You know, when you're looking at these bone marrow issues. It's not it's not uncommon. Okay. For a micronutrient deficiency usually involving minerals to cause his blood disgraces. Okay. I'd be curious to know what the disgraceful was because they don't simply go from rheumatologist to to you know, he monk. Okay. A bone marrow without having something showing up in a personal smear. Okay. I'd like to know what that is. If you can find out what that what they found. And then get back with me. I'll be delighted to help you out with this one. So can you do that? Jason. It's this. It's not just not quite enough information from able to help, but your, but I think I can you know, this is just need. I need a lead a bit more from you. Thank you Jason very much. We go to JoAnne right here. In orlando. Joanne, talk to the doctor about your question. Hi, I.

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