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And each episode we bring you some of the most notable and not yet notable thought leaders in tech business and culture. The year was two thousand and two I was still a vice president at catch in public relations. But at the time I was considering what it be like to freelance. So I had some comments that minus BP had sent my way to do media training, but also toyed around with individual clients. If you've been listening, you'll know that a Lilia bundles the great great granddaughter of Madame CJ Walker was one of those clients, be other was Valorie Burton, of course, she's now twelve time author near times bestseller bestseller life coach, etc. Etc. There was one other person that I came in contact with and mind you all three of these people came to me in some shape. Former fashion through a B J. Toray at the time he was writing for magazines like Rolling Stone, like five eighty hadn't broken onto the scene on MSNBC just yet. But in writing circles, he was known very well he was a tune to culture and his pin was razor sharp. Tori had heard that I was branching out on my own and approached me about my public relations services. I remember us batting emails back and forth four bit, but nothing transpired fast forward to the summer of two thousand seventeen to Ray head blown up, he'd been on a mess in C. I'd seen him on CNN everybody knows who Tori is. I went to my favorite restaurant in the war liens, Louisiana during essence festival, and I was going to meet my former employee, Heather Woodard. She hadn't arrived just yet she was depending on a friend to get her there. But in the meantime, guests who walks into the Gumbo shop to array. I was planning to be back in the world ends within a month to speak at the national association of black journalists convention Taurean. I caught up while we waited for our seats. And he also expressed an interest in speaking at the NFC J. So I connected him by Email later on with the planners. But this would be the encounter that would put myself in Toray back in touch. Fast forward to just about a month ago Toray, and I reconnected again this time to ask him to be on the podcast because I noticed that he'd started another business to raise a book coach to Ray supports writers in their goals to author books in the big leagues. In other words, he helps them to conceptualize plan the proposal, work through each of the steps even seeking agents working with big publishing houses. The works. I was so excited to find out he was doing this his timing was impeccable little. Did he know that beginning last year? I started my journey towards publishing my. First book and been to New York City, at least twice to meet with a rather large publishing house. It really is amazing. How God brings people into your path at just the right time in this conversation that I had with Toray about coming on the show. I asked him would he be my book coach, and he agreed as part of his book coaching business? He's launching a second podcast, not the very wildly popular the Taurus show. But another one just for writers called free. M F A for those of you outside of academia, that is free. Masters of fine arts, originally planned for the second show to focus on unmet working. But because of the nature and the awesomeness of this next guest, we're gonna push that until July everyone meet Toray my friend, author of multiple books book, coach and television host, and the man who was absolutely wicked with the pin. Tori. At the end of the day, all roads lead to writer in him on MSNBC. Five. New York Times, New Yorker.

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