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Rough with a bit of an open stance from the right. And the pitch swaying in the miss went after a pitch high and out of the strike zone. Gonzalez with his third strikeout of the afternoon. I think this is the best role for TT. We may see him still get an opportunity in the starting rotation, but if he can show some resiliency with his arm to make a couple of appearances a week I think him working two or three innings and just really going hard at it could be his best spot. There's Alex Dickerson, and he rips one foul into the netting down the right field line. Nothing in one Dickerson with an R B, I single that he Flared out to right field and then was retired on a Backhand play by Garrett Hampson at second for 23. 5 to 1 Giants lead this one in the fourth. Here's the pitch to Dickerson and he rips one into right center field. That'll get down and Pilar will have to cut it off near the warning track. It'll be a double for Dickerson Flores stops at third. So one out and two in scoring position is Dickerson continues his red hot roll. Alex Dickerson has never had this kind of run against the Rockies probably never had this kind of run in his big league career. In the stretch, he has been over the Last week. Good effort by Pilar to get to that bull and keep Flores from scoring. Rockies will bring the infield in with two out, or I should say with two on and one out. Everybody up around the edge of the grass is Joey Barton steps in reached on an error and scored last inning. And he takes a pitch for strike one. So walk a strikeout in a double here in the fourth for the Giants..

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