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But he said that he was hiding because he just smoked a blunt. Do you guys believe there's more or less story that John Dodson was living underneath there. I was like the Smurf Village. Yeah. Yeah, so that's insane, dude. How do you spell Nathan that's true? Right? That's still man. Okay, I never liked him. I know he scares me off even find was I think he got taken to the edge with a couple of Fighters. And now he doesn't look as sharp to me. He doesn't seem like he's at sharp to me now. Yeah, it's crazy. But outside of testing will do. Yeah. I like John Jones as a fighter, but first name is outside would be just made some real ship decisions and it's kind of a on these, shithead playing the part off it up since he's been around so that's not really anything new to me. Honestly. I think you can separate it like as a fighter. Yeah, but I just didn't get up. He's been fuk it up since like 2010 when he wrapped that fucking car around the pole to hookers in the blemish it. Yeah. It's like just boneheads in for them before that. So it's like he might be a sociopath also. Yeah. Is me do it looks like he's fucking wouldn't care about killing like a 20 people or something like that. He just looks insane. Yeah shelter Skelter how I call it. He looks like yeah, I'll fucking bough my tab a on the forehead. I don't get like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas when you know when he was joking or not when he when I woke up I could see JoJo shooting spider in the foot like like you can't see that happening like this guy you going to let this guy fucking make fun of you know, yeah that movie. I just want that's crazy. You said that I just watched that and casino and like Goodfellas Goodfellas and Rocky are like two movies that whenever they're on if I'm flipping the channels. I have to watch it like yeah, there's certain movies. Like I have to I can't like no matter how far the rocky to maybe and I like the song. I think it was a Drago that memory of choraphor was the best that was for I think three or four, I think three is the first male Australian 4 is when we beat him the funny part. So Drago Hostess rewards last year right. Line and became friends. He's the nicest guy ever and I was I was trying to teach him jokes. He like he would and he was doing all the jokes, but he wanted to bring his own jokes had nothing to say and I was like, he was like a legit kick boxing though. He'd be dead leg take care of and kickboxing. Yeah, and and he's a nice guy ever but like he was nervous. I had to go pick up my wife from the airport during before the show started. I start getting texts going going home going Dolph Lundgren means you right now like I never thought I'd have that like text talking in my like like this comes out. Yeah. So like if you guys you guys suck so I gave I gave him a joke, right and even know he didn't really know who the guys were. Oh, hey Google. Hey Tony focus is here, you know nice to see that you're here with all seven of your home. Holidays or something like that, right so fucking or like several the voices in your head a game is some joke and then everyone got mad at him. They were like fuk U Dolph Lundgren like and then but Ferguson what he's like, I'm going to ankle pick you he was kidding or he thought was funny but like everyone was like, how dare Dolph Lundgren the guys got me? Well, you know, Tony Ferguson was it was it was like Anchorman when he's reading the thing off on the prompter. He had no idea what he put on there. Ya know what happened know but like if you if you look at it this way a lot of times like when I was so happy for you to even get that that was like y'all was fukn dope. I thought you were going to get the the one with the the sex one. That's the one I o a d m o s a b n. I thought you were going to host a hard thing to post man. Like they went with all girls now hosting it cuz I remember when like, they would tell who people don't realize how good they would tell was a comic light off. Hotel at one point was like people think Bill Burr is now that was what Dave Attell was to the comic. Yeah, we know we know that but I remember David's eyes love this show is insomniac. Yes, even like the funniest like there was a point where every comic in New York was doing Dave Attell like it was that good of a comic store with him in London, but me hath SE K and I had to protect him. I'm not bullshiting you each time because he was talking shit about people living. Oh, yeah, your women are ugly your teeth suck and I'm like after that people don't know the difference there like we're going to beat him up and I was like, I need him for the rest of the story. I literally was getting his scuffles with people to prevent them from being David town was like I used to walking like I live in New York, I go to the bathroom of a bar just to use the bathroom like to and afternoon Dave Attell be drinking by himself. Like he was like that like any book a random Pub would be David L, but they have a talent. I was hosted the ABM And nobody was paying attention like like nobody it was all pornstars coconut in mind and I just don't look out in the crowd and Go dreams. I just thought that was the funny thing is like the other thing I was going to I was going to ask you guys cuz I personally again the fights that are coming up. The reason I asked you about Goethe. I got em a Twitter, you know, like when you get up go back and forth. I was like, oh it'll be two or three jobs people were like, fuck you date. She's going like an illusion this I said, I'm allowed my own opinion on the fucking fight. I think I should have called the guy a bitch shut up bitch and then it just makes it and to the point where I was like, I might have to block this guy like he's that much of a complete list of arguing until the fight happened, you know, I know but I know all I said was who I was rooting for that who I am too fucking win. I mean you get in line with the other bitches and like right then I was like, What and it said yeah, he's going to fucking lose. He's going to get mauled I said, you don't know that and then it would literally back and forth. Well when baseball went been slaughtered Dagestan a guy your whole feed was like rushing off in Sultan you right? Yeah. Yeah, I take it personal. Oh man, I guess and he's like that's like their LeBron James dude, like six years is like people are probably going to be riots like the cold country probably didn't burn. There's no other sports there. I mean, that's that's their only sport. He's they they they Revere him like that whole bigger than the Brown James like bigger than a bunch cuz we're like, maybe that's what I got was so mad at me. I thought I hope I don't run into this motherfuker. It's going down. Like it literally got to that point different level jobs. Make sure that I get some low kicks in before. I takes me to the ground cuz I'm serious man. I did not know he was it's really like that. It's bigger. It's raised Iraq. Out.

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