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Why? Three seventy two seventy two. Check yourself. One of the break talking with Robert talking about erectile dysfunction. Now, this is one of those topics that a lot of people a lot of guys just don't want to talk about. And the reality is that. There's so many men today that are dealing with it. I mean, he's becoming almost an epidemic in the country. And you go to see your all in talk to your primary care physicians as well. And you you will ask them in a lot of guys are coming out in dealing with. This guy's with prostate issues. Matter of fact, when the leading complications of prostate surgery is infamous and when guys start getting enlarged prostates conver- nine prosthetic have hurt your fear BPH when guys start getting that it becomes a Bill downhill slope for erections. So here's the deal. See Alison Viagra and this medications father called foster diaster ace inhibitors and the foster diocesan hitters can work. Very well. But there are some side effects to then that can be not so pleasant and can become a challenge. And really, I know Robert for you. You don't wanna be relying on a pill the rest of your life to make things. Happen. Am I right? That's true. You know? And it just gets to a point where there's gotta be a way you're thinking what used to work. Now, I'm fifty one and it's not working. So what's the deal? Yeah. Yeah. And you know, if you're eighty one I guess we always wanted to work and fifty one in eighty one. Yes. So are you married? Okay. Let me ask you this. When did it go from working to not was it all of a sudden? Or was it gradual? It was gradual. But it was. Remarried then. What happened? No, no, no, no. Is she pass away? You get a divorce. Semi cheat on each other. What happened? Anybody cheat? Just could make it work. Who said they couldn't make it work and walked away. Or her? How long ago was that? Seven years. I'm asking that is is not to dig to defend your personal life. But the reason I'm asking that is because reptile dysfunction has two main components. They can be physiological, and it can be psychological. There's a strong, psychological components usually about seventy thirty seventy psychological. Thirty percent physiological. And so usually if there's if there's an issue just just know that that that somehow some way there is an issue in that area. That's got to be worked on. And I don't I don't I'm not a counselor. I don't know what that is. That might be something you want to go talk with a pastor or counselor or someone that you trust and maybe start digging a little bit in there somehow, someway, okay, I'm slightly know that I'll give you some what research says can make things work better. But I'm just telling you as a friend that there is a component strong component to that any doctor that doesn't tell you that it they're mistaken, or they're not taking the time to tell you that they're just writing the prescription and moving on. It's big for for dysfunction. Let me take a quick example guys that work a lot. They can you'll see guys that come in. And they're in their forties and fifties in the clinical setting, and you send the gallon vacation like guys that work, really hard. A lot of hours. You send that gown vacation. I've seen so many times where physicians friends of mine had done that. And you know, the guy starts working again at the end of the vacation. Because the stress and he's away from a lot of the life issues that he's facing so stress plays a big role to now from a natural perspective. Several things are important number one. Have you been diagnosed with anything any any.

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