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The NCW women's national championship. Eating Notre Dame. Eighty to eighty one in Tampa lady bears win their third national championship. Jackson finished with twenty six points on Monday night. It's the men's tournament. The apple is Texas Tech Virginia in the national championship game right raiders head coach Chris beard says his team has had a championship mentality. Goes never been to like make tournaments the win the tournament easy to talk about really really hard to do. But that's where we started. This whole thing was just trying to have the expectations and the vision that we could you know, we could be relative. It starts by trying to be relative in the big twelve tip off Monday night at nine twenty eastern time NBA scoreboard. The warriors beat the clippers one thirty one one zero four Golden State clinches the number one seed in the west the final regular season game ever at oracle arena. Also, the magic over the Celtics won sixteen went away. Does Orlando clinches the playoff? Spot the nets playoff spot as well. As they beat the Pacers one oh, eight ninety six. Elsewhere rafters one seventeen heat went on iron that was in overtime Spurs over the Cavaliers won twelve to ninety thunder one thirty two T wolves one twenty-six Hornets over the pistons won four ninety one bucks one fifteen hawks one. Oh, seven rockets over the sons, one forty nine and one thirteen overtime Mavericks, Twenty-nine grizzlies, one twenty seven it was the Knicks over the wizards won thirteen one ten blazers won fifteen nuggets. Six Lakers top the jazz one thirteen one nine the pelicans over the kings, one thirty three one twenty nine baseball dodgers beat the Rockies twelve six Red Sox one time and backs. Nothing. Angels over the ranger seven to Astros knowing as eight Mariners twelve White Sox. Five cardinals beat the Padres for one race three giants. Nothing. Brewers over the cubs for two pirates seven reds five. The Braves beat the Marlins for two three nationals top the Mets twelve to nine Phillies. Two twins one Enke's. Crush the Orioles fifteen to three Tigers over the royals three to one. The Indians beat the Blue Jays three to one hockey the sabers fire head coach Phil Housley in the Panthers. Fire head coach boop ner. I'm Peter Schwartz..

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