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I'm think we mixing tending right now. And you wrote the. You wrote the initial riff for that. I remembered jamie that a little bit. You wrote that. I feel like we came together to throw a bunch of random shit and then we never. I don't know there's a lot of risks that we wrote. Well it's one of the risks. That we i think we should make that the podcast music down. That'd be sick. yeah it yeah but the big thing is like the habit stuff like you you you can do that. Anybody can do it any really anybody can do it even a fucking idiot like you can do idiot like me could probably do that thirty days. Yeah that's why. I wanted to do something with carpentry for thirty days. You game the idea. I did two whole days like why did you stop because it was finished. Why did wonder down the one project. My dad was down. He helped me. you know. Put up the the wainscoting their board and batten whenever you call and we did that and i had an idea to do that next accent one all right kohana do this and i'm going to teach myself how to do this stuff and i dunno life got in the way. It's hard with a fulltime job. And you're you don't work from home. Yeah you're in the office. You're in the office you got a baby. Yep so yeah get it. Yeah man but it's not here's the thing it's like i feel like you're trying to make an excuse for me and that's how you how do you. That's what going gonna deal with that. Because i'm gonna have that shit real suit. My babies come into yam in three months three months. Yeah wow you excited yeah. I'm i'm looking forward to. She's going to be a fucking terror. Because apparently when i was until i was five years old animal. And she's going to be ten pounds probably coming out so probably so just so you guys know. When i was born i was born right around ten pounds. So my dad brother to write Your dad was ten pounds. he was pouncer. That keeps saying rebecca's that yeah. Chris is going to be twelve pounds. Or you know llamas. Twelve pounds chris- christmas twelve pounds. He came out you christmas fourteen pads so it keeps getting the closer she gets. It keeps these money now. Oh boy she's only pounds. So you gotta stop yeah. It'll be exciting. Though she'd be should be excited. Yeah but that's the thing is like i feel like people want to make excuses because it's the easy way to get out of things like he talks about failure people being comfortable with their makes you happier to to fail all right. I don't have to worry about this project nagano. The next thing started all over instant freshman the new that. I'm just gonna fail that too but like you listen to jaakko willink. yeah like. He's like his book extreme ownership. I have dumped claim to have read it all. I've read a little bit. But i think that's the beast. Make everything your problem. Yeah okay why did i do this today. Why didn't i accomplish these goals today. Or why is you know whatever. It is an issue in your family there. Issue with your friends you at work like make it your problem. I think that's really the only way to like beat resistance or the resistance that you don't even know is there. Yeah well because it comes so sneaky like he comes in all different ways do resist like so the everything from like the war of artworks talking about resistance and it's like like the way that it shows up. Yeah that's the thing is. It shows up a lot of crazy ways. I listening to the guy from on it..

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