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And espn app moega ari attempt can filling in you briefly mentioned the weather i'm reading what i'm reading doesn't sound good well what are they saying down there about what's expected weather wise tomorrow yeah rain all day tomorrow whether the rain is holding that down to suspend play or whether they'll be able to get eighteen in it's a little unclear i would say i would guess that what is most likely is that guys will be playing you know more than eighteen holes on sunday that maybe get half of their rounds in tomorrow and then the raiders is going to be too much the good thing about augusta is that they have so much money here that they can dry out the course and make it playable in matter of hours you know we there's sort of no one moves confirm it but you can hear it then you have this giant sub systems that like sucks water out from underneath the fairways greens stuff and so eventually like they'll be able to get the course totally playable and then when it's really kind of soft guys are going to be able to fire at pans and that's what's gonna make sunday really fun i think you'll see a lot of birdies and that when that happens it can really the rumors get big energy gets big and anyone can win kevin great stuff we appreciate the time tonight man enjoy the final two rounds should be a lot of fun guys thanks kevin van valkenburgh with us on the shell pennzoil performance line joining us from augusta getting set for round three the masters could be played in a quagmire tomorrow i went with quagmire midway through and tiger woods really nowhere near the top leaderboard patrick read leads the masters by two strokes over mark leash freddie and fitz simons.

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