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I turning up your radio fox is Jill NATO I'm del Walters this is fox news flash flood watch has come flash flood watch will go and we will see the threat for some heavy rain continued but the showers and storms will be coming to an end later on may see some gusty winds before they do later on for fall back to the low to mid seventies early fog for Friday showers and thunderstorms possible once again afternoon highs around ninety showers and storms Friday night and the storms will be possible all the way through the weekend Saturday sign your night I'm Jeff you know for the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS the W. C. B. M. studios are sponsored by a safe retirement solution col rod Beroe today for that solution for ten to six six eleven twenty the views and opinions you hear on talk radio six eighty W. CDM at W. C. M. dot com are not necessarily those of the owners management employers and advertisers of W. CVM but they should be don't miss the Bruce Elliott show weekday mornings at nine on talk radio six eighty W. CBM box extender mission coding and disseminating information actionable intelligence make no mistake American rain here this is the Buck Sexton show former CI a analyst remember minimizing the sex sex now would you consider bringing are you a rape charge against him for this one on I would find it disrespectful to the women who are down on the border who being right around the clock down there without any protection they're young women they've been tried to come into because they're they're the as you know there there by the thousands the one that had very little protection there it would just be disrespectful five you know and mine was three minutes I'm a mature woman I can handle it I can keep going you know my life is going on I'm a happy woman but for the women down there and for the win actually around.

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