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The yankees if the bit playing the twins they have to win that while kagame nobody will accept this season would be a disaster if they play the while go get him at home against twins laws that would be hard to take it really would because it's just it would be very difficult to digest if they win game matter what happens the plane woodhouse money the rest of the way right now the play the indian so i mean so that they be there will be housed monte the rest of the way it got ahead for fraser there at the joe missed the boat by a mile i think you have to hit for frazier there i don't care if you're good baths don't have big numbers against the picture or not in need a majorleague about their unita you need a pro would back there you need you need a quality of bad there you know a a when i was listen live i think it was that point i was still in the car might have been or was was on i heard the radio park where where they have the radio on and that i heard susan make the point that holiday had really bad numbers against the hitter excellent point but i still want holiday up there given me a big it back with the bases loaded where his advantage is really to the always to the hitter so i want the veteran guy who has the advantage with the bases loaded even though that's an excellent point about him not having good mums against a certain pitcher the bottom line those i just want the veteran hitter up there i really do in that spot because i just think he's gonna give me a good about is gonna give me a sacked fly got to get the run home i just don't want the kid up in that spot it's not going to kid i just wanna veteran about their let's will i'm not taken went out with two out because i need is defense so i'm not taken rome went out of the game i'm not doing that the point with two outs and what to adam upbringing a again in a pinch it because unlike at the start i.

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