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So that ultimately you the investor can win Noah Christopher is with renters warehouse. And you should also know that this hour of radio is brought to you by renters warehouse and one of the largest fastest growing and highest reviewed property management companies in America. No, welcome to the show, man. How are you doing? I'm great. I, you know, I need to just make sure I'm calling you and Kevin like just regular contributors to the show because I think this is awesome. Every single week. We get really good insights about property management about tenants about laws different things that I need to be aware of as an investor in the rental space. So welcome back to the show. Always a pleasure to be here. Avi. Appreciate it. So us a little bit about who. You are what you do and a little bit about renters warehouse. I am with renters warehouse. I'm the senior vice president of corporate development. I run our property management acquisitions as we're scaling are twenty two thousand doors, we manage and forty markets for about fourteen thousand investors and also work with all of our strategic alliances. Whether that's a real referral program working with lenders with insurance companies anything that we can do to help bring value to our customers. Awesome. Let's start talking a little bit about the single family rental space. It's should be technically he long-term investment and with any long-term investment come problems headaches. This kind of stuff that's me as an investor. I don't really want to do what's the benefit of working with a property management company. And what are some of the risks associated with working with the property management company that I need to be aware of? The benefits are going to be able to hand over your investment and your day operations of that investment to a trusted expert that acts as a not only a shield our physical. She'll between you and issues that come up, but really illegal show as well. So you're you're you have that professional management set can take care of issues that come up with tenants come up with maintenance that happened when you're on your vacation, and you can't physically be there how quickly which has talked about ad nauseam. How quickly you reply to maintenance requests things like that..

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