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Ryan Kaufman with you, 5 to 2. 9872 is the number either text or call in your thoughts on the AVS Nuggets. Aaron Rodgers. College football playoff expansion. You know, whatever you want to talk about. It's your show as much as mine if you've seen Loki, let me know. If it's any good, I can't. I've been without the kids all week, so I can't watch. Low key Until they come back. Cause I'm a good father, Daniel. You didn't hear you come in to hear me Talk about Loki. Uh, let's talk about Jared Bednar, because I think that is the biggest question after last night's game is is whether A change needs to be made. In the, uh On the coaching side in order to get the AVS over this second round hump that they seem to be stuck at and and I get it. It's natural to wonder when you see a team underachieve. And either the AVS either underachieved because you thought they would win the series or they under achieved because of the way they lost the series, But either way There was a level of under achievement this year that I acknowledge and I think your mind immediately in sports goes to the head coach and whether that is the position that is, um Is the one that needs to be changed and look as the old saying goes, but it's so true, it's easier to fire the coach than the players, right? Wait. I just have this question and I'm not Trying to lead on this or anything like that. I'm legitimately just throwing out the question. And then I'll give you my thoughts on on the Subject. If you think that Jared Bednar should be gone, What did he do wrong in this series? I'm not saying he's blameless. Top down. Everyone's to blame here. Um, I will blame The Avalanche mascot. Partly for this loss. I will blame everybody. Because this is a blame everybody situation but to go from blame, too. He deserves to be fired. You need to lay out what he did wrong that prevented the Colorado Avalanche from winning this series. Did he take too long to find ways to get his first line away from Vegas First line Maybe. But Vegas had last change last night, and McKinnon and Rantanen did pretty well. So Was that the issue? Was Jared Banner, the one that allowed William Karlsson to rip the puck away from him was that Was that him out on the ice that did that? Did he get suspended for blowing up Justin Falk in the Blue Series? Did he turn over the pocket? On the blue line on Game five. I mean, these are These are the things That we look to On why the Avalanche lost this series and I don't know how much of it Can be attributed to Jared Bednar. This is a guy who since he arrived in Denver, and he arrived without much fanfare. And just for those of you who don't know the story, Patrick Waugh decided to quit. Because he was beefing with his old buddy Joe Sakic about control of the roster, so he just quit. And and That was it. He didn't give advance notice. He didn't. He did it later on in the offseason than you would like, but he just quit and just walked away. And the Avalanche were less scrambling. And there weren't a lot of great candidates and the Avalanche had to look to the A. H. L Or college in order to find their next head coach, and there were two names that really emerged from the beginning. And it was Travis Green, and it was Jared Bednar. Now. Travis Greene did not get the Avalanche job. He ended up in Vancouver. And you've seen how Vancouver seems to have squandered a pretty talented roster. So far in these last couple of years. Certainly this year. Gender. Bender comes in. And ever since he has pushed every right button. This is a team last year. That loss had more man games lost than any other decent team in the NHL. They were able to Keep up a high level of play. While having a revolving door of players because of all the injuries. This is a guy that has been nominated for the Jack Adams. Not today, by the way. Joe Quenneville of the Panthers, the head coach of the wild and I'm gagging on the third guy. Wasn't de Boer, Who's the Oh Rob Brenda more In Carolina. Who by the way, is also Eliminated from the postseason. And so is Joe Quenneville. And so is the guy in Minnesota. So There you go. I don't know that that has any correlation. It just Worth pointing out, I suppose. So this is someone who has been nominated for the Jack Adams that is pressed every right button since he got here. And neither of the last two playoff exits were at all attributed to him. Nobody blame Jared Bednar. These last two years, but he gets blamed for this one. And, uh, blame so much so That very well respected columnist. That iron due respect. I respect Woody Paige. He is a legend. Could not disagree with his latest column in an exempt more I could not disagree More. First of all, if you're going to say heads need to roll, and then you point out Patrik Nemeth and same Gerard, I don't know that that's quite going very far that quite Lines up with heads need to roll. I mean, I guess they are heads that may need to roll, but they're not the most important players. On this roster. But then he brings up Jared Bednar..

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