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And they are live in studio Willie is with us right now. And how many pieces that are in this orchestra behind you right now. Well, we have what we have here. Now about twelve of us now, but we do have a thirty to thirty two piece orchestra these twelve we're going to sound like one hundred. Where this losing to them in rehearsal. And in studio a great performance beautiful studio, and it is I this is going to be something special. Visit something very very special willy, and I have been friends for many years. I love Willie as a as a personality. I love him as a television personality, and a guy political provocateur is a lot of he's a lot of fun, but he is an businessman a genius businessman, but an incredibly incredibly incredibly talented. Musician and singer, and and also producer of that's really what this is all about because you have the vision for what this is for what they should sound like. It's really really is. Awesome. We do Christmas song the start. Yeah. Let's do a little bit of a trust me song for all you guys in the lady who was valley retired is it to her as well to you Judy. Julia. Okay. Good. So if you wanna come in and saying well both of y'all a row, and you don't need me. Doing that. None of trust either. Either one. Microphone Judy should come out there when it's when it's pretty yeah. Yeah. We don't we don't. We don't need any trouble here. All right, right. Hey, we're gonna do a little bit short little song then Christmas. Let's try this for us. Our night guy. We do a little bit short of it. And everything if you get the spirit just come over here, though. Thank you..

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