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Our right to bring emotional no confidence in the government. If the government proves it's incapable of commanding, a majority in the house of Commons time will tell them that. But are responsible is the opposition is to make sure that we don't crush, and is believed to make sure that we have a government does come on majority in the Harrison does indeed come on support majority support across the country. The prime minister's appeal to Corbin opens the door to the possibility of a much softer form of Brexit, potentially. Keeping the UK inside the us customs union, it's worth noting that whatever kind of cross party agreement comes to pass the withdrawal deal at the moment. Looks to be staying the same. And that is the deal that's been voted down three times by parliament. Where yet also to wait for an e response and also big questions if we do end up moving in the UK towards a customs union what it will mean for the future of the conservative party. But as Brexit is still technically just nine days away, the UK services data that's out at nine thirty this more. Fresh off to move. The pound is likely to be high given that Brexit headlines remain the dominant driver in London John angel. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Speaking of services state, we did also get other choice in services today coming in better than expected that my also have fueled the risk on a little bit. As of course, has trade and other top story for us this morning as Chinese vice premier yo her resumes trade talks with US counterparts today. The goal is to reach a deal in the days after this visit bags currently has more. The talk seemed to make headway in resolving issues like those around intellectual property protection. Both sides are said to have been working through the text of an agreement that can be put before Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, and they djing has already announced various concessions and to open up its industries in Hong Kong. Currently, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Meanwhile, EU embassador meet in Brussels today to try to agree on a mandate to begin trade talks with the US and is Bloomberg's Jonathan Sterns explains. France is expected to resist giving the European Commission the green light to start negotiations. Crouse has been dragging its feet over a mandate for transatlantic talks since European trade. Cecilia Malmstrom requested in mid-january jittery that further delays could heighten the threat of US duties on European cars and auto parts the rest of the us been counting on France to remove its veto in Brussels. Jonathan Sterns, Bloomberg daybreak Europe and all this uncertainty around global trade sex the backdrop for the world trade organizations decision to slash its global trade growth forecast WTO director general Roberto as veto spoke to Bloomberg television yesterday. Those uncertainties are holding back investments, and so on and so forth and the investments, of course, dampen the numbers for trade to a large extent, I think the US China are the main source of their. And the IMF echoed those concerns managing director Christine Lagarde says the global economy is in a precarious position. And that it's been a synchronized deceleration around the world. But the a recession isn't likely in the near term now, let me just update you with some corporate news moving right now nine minutes into the equity market opens. We've had some said headlines come through from Santander. It's targeting progressive cost savings of one point two billion euros a year. This red headline on the Bloomberg along with this one Santander is to invest more than twenty billion euros in the digital and tech business. So these were couple of headlines coming through just to see how Santander stock is reacting as well. Where up one point eight percent, ten minutes into the session. So those us top stories now for the latest in global news. Here's Bloomberg's Laura Laura. Thanks narrow formulation prime minister, nausea, bras, like is on trial today. Facing a long list of charges linked to the one. MD be missing money scandal. He's charged with forty two counts of corruption and money laundering. And the case will shine a light on the complex transactions that have led to the disappearance of at least four and a half billion dollars. Nudge denies any wrongdoing. Veteran Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has finally stepped down leaving the role after the head of the army said he should go without delay. The eighty two year old had been in power for twenty years and had been wanting a new five-year, Tom. It's not clear if beautifully departure will be enough to calm demonstrators whose demands have widened to include the removal of all Jerry's entire ruling elite. The European parliament vote is in late may, but already Italy's league is raising the stakes. Bloomberg's John flaying explains. What will happen if the party schools highly it may seek to rewrite the government contract linking it to the five star movement. Ricardo Molina a senior league lawmaker said the party would have more bargaining power. After the vote in Rome, John frame, Bloomberg daybreak Europe, the city of Chicago. Has made history after electing a black woman as the mayor for the first time former federal prosecutor Lori Lightfoot won the vote by seventy four percent. And we'll be the first openly gay leader of the third largest city in the US and a black beetle the size of a sesame seed is killing South Africa's trees are no one knows how to stop it being bugs Pauline backs reports. Police shot hole Borer is one of twenty bark beetle species worldwide targets, an extraordinary white range of healthy trees inside Africa. It has been found on across the country from the eastern port city of Durban to western indigenous forests near Cape Town Johannesburg has been hit the hardest because it has ten billion trees in Johannesburg polling backs lemberg Europe. Global news twenty four hours a day on and it take talk on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Laura right? This is Bloomberg Nara, Laura. Thank you so much now with this morning sport. Here's George Altman have joined Huddersfield in. Being relegated from the Premier League. That drop back down to the championship was confirmed with a four one thrashing Wofford last night,.

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