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Gotta keep working gotta keep working my god so scalise if anything else before we really be cut off it for me on love island premier. If anyone wants to find you where can they do so easiest way to find me as on twitter at brian underscore scally where tweeting a little bit. Labout love island a lot a bit about big brother. And whatever else is on so anything else i'm doing. I will read tweet over there. Incredible and if people want to hear more from me you can find me on social media on every platform at kirsten said what including twitch dot tv slash. Kirsten said what. I will be Helping out with the big brother coverage here on the network. I will be doing these sunday morning. Update and this upcoming tuesday. I'm on the a top forty countdown of survivor for the twelfth. Best season which. I feel like i won't say which one yet in case you eleven. Listen jags five. Our podcast is a lot to get through so we will be back in just a couple of days. And we'll see you next. Time fra john's because kirsten and scally and men then they cast on this show are truly disgrace so we care about the love and nine meaning. They're just to see the drama..

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