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Staking Diane Warren Forgives Lane. Maxwell and she's playing along with it. Please this guy. crunch crunch Charlie hunger for five dollars long crunch crunch Charlie booth huskies for five dollars foot longs. Glenn Maxwell who is like story. We is too dark for us. Even to like get into is being mistaken for Diane Warren. In many a photo, people love to post photos of Glenn Maxwell with powerful figures. Some of them are just. Diana Warren with powerful figures and she. has written songs for a lot of powerful figures, but this is literally like when she said that Oliver Songs from SARS born. We're good when we were like Diana. We know they're not good, Diane. No, you wrote them not to be good. She's like no, they're fucking amazing. All my songs are really Diane. You're a troll and now. She's out here. Responding to the iconic video of Mariah Carey, pushing her out of the way which we all know is Diane Warren. And she saying no, it's not me. It's not me. It's not me, and then she's also responding to all these photos where people are saying like Goulaine Lane. The non me, that's not me. or She's saying that is me in the case of people accusing her of being Glenn Maxwell. They really don't look like they just both have like I would call the Kris. Jenner haircut meaning short, dark hair. Well, they look alike in. They look alike in blurry twitter video. You know in in twitter video that has been deliberately down downgraded to like. You know one eighty p. To Eighty P like you can be, you could. If you didn't know WHO Diane Warren was. If you never ever heard or seen Diane Warren, you would look at that and be like Oh. Someone told me that gallon. d'alene looks like the gallon I saw like with. We'll also other celebrity. There is like a there's like an eighty percent. Chance that you've never seen a picture of Diane Warren like. What Diane. Warren looks like that's not likely I. Follow her all central. Yeah but. You are a specialized case and I'm sure. A lot of our listeners are specialized cases, but that's but I will say that. Sort of intense doctor being like this one specialize case as I'm being a into some creepy hospital this one. He's a specialized case. Well, this is like in my game that I play my switch where I own a hospital and they keep I keep people keep having diseases, and they're like lightheadedness, and it's like their head is open. You have to like comet. This is like the Diane Warren specialized case and I need to build. Build a special room in which I research a machine to cure you of your specialized case, but specifically. Diane has clowns on herself over this video in the past, so like to anyone saying she doesn't even realize it. That's video of her. She knows she's bucking with you. Because when this video I went viral, she responded to it by saying only room for one diva. Ha, ha tongue out tongue out thumbs up music music heart. Because they've worked together many many times. You have to assume that video. Is Mariah joking around with her like Beowulf? Diane will be which she other. Many many many many. Mariah picks her up and puts her aside. It's like a IT'S A. Stress like. And shove out of the way Diane. Selwyn very clearly a pain in the ASS. Being friends with Diane must be a nightmare. A weird thing that I noticed throughout the twenty twenty Oscar season is that. None other than Renee Zellweger became what looked like really good friends with Diane through the process and I was like that makes so much sense to people that are probably really hard to sort of figure out and get along with. And I I'm glad that they found each other, because they would always be at events together like the two of them who could probably talk to anyone in the room because they have a relationship with anyone? But they chose each other I was like wow, that's like of beautiful. These two weirdos found each other I. mean you know Diane? Warren loves being an insider. She's like she loves what she does. She loves like she loves hobnobbing with with the Mariah Carey's of the world. Who are her close friends? And she is not Geeze Lane Maxwell. She's not so do not. Mistake her for that also it's pronounced lane right. I don't care how it's. fucking do not give a shit how her name is pronounced. I don't call an an tell us about Gillan I could give a fuck with that woman's name is pronounced. Sorry. Sorry, Sorry Diane Warren however. WHO WERE THEM DIE? Board is I, think them. Even, though nobody. Think our song. Yeah I think she's also. She's definitely a who who we behavior at the mercury video alone is enough to make you a WHO forever. I mean Don Woman Mariah. Carey picks up the moves out of the way on the red carpet. Both I guess she's a WHO, because people keep mistaking her for every single woman with short dark hair. So who am I to say to them? I think that speaks for itself. I mean right I mean. Everyone's like this woman so well. Who is this woman? She's Oh. Yeah, we talked about her on the in the lead up to these Oscars because she almost had her win got I'm looking at this chart again? Nominated nominated, nominated nominated, nominated, nominated, nominated, nominated nominated nominated nominated. Can you name even though it's very recent history? I will end this conversation. We spent probably. I don't think you're able to end this conversation. Yeah, can you name either the movie? Or the song for which she was nominated for an Oscar this year. Yes. Yes. Name one of them. It was the Chrissy mets movie. What was the movie called? That's the question, or what was a song called the fact that I remember that. It was a Chrissy mets movie. Then that should be enough. Not Be enough should be enough. It's not enough..

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