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If i ever am the whistle blower and the democratic party wants to come at me. Here's here's just a hint. Don't threaten me. Because i'd love nothing better then for you to bring it bribe may pay off. Pay me off. Don't threaten the poor postman by a minute truck. Here's a membership at a super super swanky. Golf club yes please. Where do i sign principles. I can't find them. I must have lost them Speaking of joe biden and I'm sorry we'll stay on this story. I'm curious to know how this one comes out. I could believe the extreme version on either side or something in the middle with what's going on with this guy. Speaking of extreme the wall street journal says the people joe biden has named to his co. vid task force or all pretty the pretty extreme shutdown end of things. Yeah e. every man jack of them from what i understand and we should watch out for their their their way to that extreme among the you know the all the people out there calling for various things and it concerns the wall street journal. Because you know it's primarily meant interested in business and finance and that sort of stuff Also jonathan turley. The lawyer we like Is a constitutional scholar professors scholars there. He's got a story out today. Haven't read it yet. But the headline is transition marks precarious period for russia and hunter biden probes. Why we know will the follow through with the hunter biden stuff. All oh back to the thing that what. That's what he's saying is it just might go away his dad one. Okay yeah yeah pretty much Although they'll still probably hold hearings in the senate. I don't know i don't know hopefully probably but i love the story that came out of one of the lbj. Books that i read when when The day that jfk was assassinated. They gavelled in the first hearing to look into. Lbj's finances that we're going to ruin him. He was gonna end up having to resign as vice president the very day that morning it was like an hour later clear across the country in dallas that he ended up becoming president and they just shot it all. We just ended because now is not the time the nations and the country. You know you can understand. It's a different time than they were worried. The soviet connections in the cold war and all that sort of stuff. Sure if the soviet union just took out our president that now's not the time to be investing the new president right to kneecap the new guy. Yeah exactly yeah but But sometimes the investigations do goal from election. Getting back to the the video and the transition..

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