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Front cover of the magazine not just one magazine and not just any magazine well it was the time magazine seen 2017 person that the yet cover that it appeared on but those accusations of toronto burt being ignored were resurrect it again because she didn't appear on the front cover they have a whole bunch of women on the front cover not just one person of the years as per usual some of the famous taylor swift for instance some that were not so famous mexican agricultural worker isabel pesc y'all but toronto burke was not one of them so the me to movement was big enough to be on the front cover of time magazine but how big was it online well since october just suissa alone it's been used two point one million times and this echoed around the world women were sharing their stories in their own languages in their own ways with their own hashtag tell us some of those languages an hashtags wind italy they used the phrase that roughly translated means that time when what what are the funniest ones actually came from france but lost tom pork which roughly translated means snitch out your pig won't unlike that in spain they use your time n and at direct translation of meets he was also found in arabic and this movement even reached places where twitter isn't available places like china we start see sofia wang who is a freelance journalist in china and she didn't want to give to many details of her own experience after she force off the man he tried to attack her in two thousand eleven but it was only last year when she went to singapore and spurts other journalists that she found she wasn't alone and she was inspired by me to trending in the west so in other words she had been attacked six years ago but it was all only when this hashtag came out that she felt inspired to speak out about i should instead be alone and she felt that she had the comfort of of other people with similar experiences so she source hit a nationwide online survey in china's find out how many other female journalists when the same position those journalist who had face sexual harassment as she.

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