Arkansas, Court, Bentley discussed on Washington Today


Radio ninety point one FM WC as PFM Washington. Saturday on C span radios, you from the states, Arkansas and New York enact opposite abortion trigger loss. Arkansas's law would ban abortions with some exceptions supported by Republican Representative Mary Bentley Espy forty nine establishes the will of the people in Arkansas if we're fortunate to have the US supreme court overturn Roe versus way today. You had the opportunity to clearly articulate humanity of human beings and voice, our will to protect on a human life. The law in New York would guarantee the right to abortion. Here's democratic Senator Alexandra today, we go to codify Roe v. Wade into law and finally remove abortion from our penal code to replace it where it has always belonged into our health, and and doing snow we protect ourselves from a supreme court will overturn Roe v. Wade at the first chance that they get New York and Arkansas debate opposite abortion trigger. On C span radio's view from the states Saturday at ten A AM eastern on the freeze. He span radio online at C span dot org or on your smart speaker play C span radio. This.

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