Cairo, Mubarak Mubarak, President Trump discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


About enemies are adversaries absolutely i would hope that that begins to translate into understanding that democracy is in and of itself a stabilizing force that yes it is true that you deal with uh friends and allies differently when we were dealing with the egyptians for instance i'll give you an example i gave a speech in cairo remain in two thousand five calling right there in egypt calling on the egyptians to lead the middle east toward democracy yes it was aimed at uh hosni mubarak and i still believe to this day had hose mubarak mubarak made some of the changes that he started he would have had a gentler retirement than'regional on have echoed some of your themes of our years later but you know that when people come to say it come to you and say well how can you even deal with mubarak or how can you of and deal with the saudis you understand data's in fact as allies we do have to deal with regimes that don't have the democratic structures that we wish they do so that there is a difference you know uh this president went to saudi arabia and his message was quite different than your message his message was we're not gonna tell you how to live what to do what to believe and sawn he basically was saying and this is how it was interpreted and this is how it was celebrated in saudi arabia he basically was saying we're not gonna we're not going to advocate for human rights any more we're not going to play the role of met we're not going to do to you what condoleeza rice did what barack obama did we're not going to make those points this an early time steel for the administration and i just want to point out again and i'll come back to saudi arabia that is interesting things are happening in saudi arabia but this is a time when uh when you say to the president then on what basis to you criticise madero in venezuela well if you're just going to leave people to their own devices you have no reason to criticise added is doing and so you see him speak out actually quite strongly about venice.

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