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There is no. But you can't they gotta put Scott foster out on the floor at some point with a rockets. They can't have him not officiate a rocket game the rest of his career is this bad look for the NBA. But what are you going to do you have to put this guy on the floor at some point? I know there's three other series that you could have him do. It just because you could wait until they tie the series and have it be in well, Houston. Brian Windhorst is joining us as our first guest in about ten minutes time, he has been all over this. He wrote a fascinating piece just last week about how awful it is getting between players and officials, and and coaches and officials and how Steve Kerr who is council. It was like the sherpa and zen master two point. Oh. On every subject about. Cooling, your jets cooling your heels. Russell Westbrook shouldn't be next questioning people at cetera and so forth. Talking about how everybody loves watching the NBA, and you shouldn't kill the golden goose by either being anti fan or anti media. Even Steve Kerr loses his cool with these guys the refs it's gotten really bad and the NBA to not like this. They have to be unhappy at trending topic right now on Twitter as we are conversing in the first segment of this last day of may two thousand nineteen on the rich Eisen show is Scott foster. He's up there with Venezuela because of what's going on down there right now. And God bless our country. Detective Pika CHU is also trending and Jim Carrey because he's in the new sonic the hedgehog trailer. These are all happening K. I have no idea what the hashtag Benjamin button in me is trending, and we don't even I don't even want it. Because if you if Benjamin button is dead. I don't want to know. But Scott fosters trending and he hasn't even ref yet. We're talking about calls made by a ref that hasn't even been made yet. And this is the main marquee spotlight NBA playoff event. And you don't think the first time that hardened takes three and gets a call that place is not going to be like an absolute den of booze and screams and yells and the first time that hard and doesn't get that call what the screams are going to be and Scott fosters the guy saying, no call on Chris Paul. Oh, my gosh of all the time for the NBA to basically say you can't tell us who is a -ficiating tonight. They choose tonight to make that STAN. And I have no idea if it was already in the works. I don't know I'm assuming it was I'm assuming they can't make up the officiating itinerary prior to the western and Eastern Conference semi-finals. Without? And just going game by game. They I can't imagine they do that. They Scott fosters. Gotta know he's got game three of this series and game four of that series. He's not just hopping flights right now. Did you imagine? It's not as though the whole story from game one is officiating and the Ragas not getting calls him. What does he do this time? We're going to push the Scott foster, but yeah, we're going to schedule it now after not having called a game. I mean, the rockets are can they can't be happy. And I don't know how the NBA could be happy. Scott fall, a referee. You wanna talk. I miss the third rail subject with the league for many reasons. Good reasons. A referee is trending the morning of a big game. Of a series. He hasn't even set foot on the floor for. While everybody's talking about it and win horse. Did a great piece on it that he's the one who broke the news at Scott fosters been signed tonight's game. And he's joining us in about seven eight minutes time, and then we still got the we still have the NFL draft on the brain. And if you do too, we'll take your calls at eight four four two four rich. Look, I'm loath to say no league wants to have the officials around Pires Aref Spey out front. Nobody wants that. And I don't wanna come on the show and just say, you know, I'd love to say, hey, the warriors..

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