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After Iran shot down an unarmed US military drone Iran denies this. But President Trump says the drone was clearly an international airspace. The new wrinkle this is a new fly in the mint what happened shooting down to grown, and this country will not stand for when asked earlier about the possible retaliation Trump said, you'll soon. Find out a federal appeals court has ruled the administration's new family plane. Rules can go into effect. Fox's John decker, the ninth circuit court of appeals lifted nationwide, injunctions imposed by lower courts, giving a major victory to the Trump administration, the new policy would withdraw federal title, ten funding from any medical facility that provides abortions, as well as abortion, counseling or. Abortion referrals Planned Parenthood was among the groups of posing. The new rules in a statement. The Justice department said we're pleased at the ninth circuit has cleared the way for this important executive branch action to take affect while our appeals are pending at the White House. Jon decker, Fox News. The Indiana fever will have a new home for the next two seasons. Well, bankers life, Fieldhouse undergoes renovation. Eric Berman reports through sports and entertainment plans to close the field. House wants the Pacers are out of the playoffs next year. It'll reopen and time for the Pacers opener enough Tober than repeat the pattern in twenty twenty one the team hasn't decided where the fever will play Eric Burma Ninety-three WIBC mobile, new rebuff, Jesuit prep school will no longer be recognized as a Catholic institution within the archdiocese of Indianapolis, because of the school's refusal to fire a gay teacher and appeal is expected from the Jesuit. Order the staff member is a highly capable and qualified teachers says rebuffed president and board. Trustees. forbade their got children with traffic.

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