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Ways of doing and thinking into my life has been really remain room also processes while and when i think about your though in terms of activism brenston ability sexuality summit often. We have a young folks who will apply to. The conference may not be ready yet. S-early can present. We also want to support them in their own journey learning. And so what we try to do. That is connect them with other young people or other folks who want being on similar areas or more issues that they are interested and encouraging them to apply next year or something and there are also young people who applied to to the conference where we help coach them reader presentations so in that way nicer ship happening in like just event. I ain't but yet again. I think that the way we understand you have also get another woman into people. That's the way. I see it so semi were mentioning the disobedient your sexuality summit. I'm going to be another one this year. Why is important then who can participate so the disability intersection analogy summit yasser desperate short twenty sixteen. A group agassi Across the country and we wanted in community stage that was for us by us but specifically disabled people of color clan algebra detail by poc and brochu often your necessarily have a platform or microphone. War had the opportunity to present. An when i saved for them. I need ours is a stage where we want folks to present on being that they are back about that they want to have our community burns from are excited about not necessarily the latest policy priority or breaking news or a hot button issue. And i think that what kind of sets this apart We're also not an academic conference. So they really community space. Where all the present in. All of the organizers are sable but the audience. it's a community open to the public. We ragas reasons. This year are doing in our mind. And we upload the videos to youtube and this is important because people who are table an living at the market society who experience multiple systems have depression are still experiencing inequities that we are not as a society or as a community really aggressing in ways that calling to question who has our with access what is equitable. What is just and i think. Now while we are working and pushing more policy and quality were sometimes regarding ways that they're always going to be folks to fall through the cracks do whilst into margins and if we're cruelly to be an inclusion of society than all this nikkei experience liberation so that's why this is important to be we'll be putting information up so people who want to add join can look at what they need you to register the have one more question and it'll be very quick. Okay so what brings you joy sandy talking with people so this is gonna sound really corny. Especially because i'm also i think quote unquote no community for being a little bit more when program. Not the latest Whatever and i brought by me so over. The summers are Have workday on fridays. And so what i've done instead is semi fighting just like weeding out to people on twitter or folks you guide the in on from generally. I don't have time for the rest of the year. Like newly talk with them and get canova better. I think so. Often we spend time in the community marketing and advocating being activists that we forget that we are also i in the community whoever will attache and then And so getting to know people on that level is exciting to me. Thank you theresa. Let brings you joy osh so many things. I love connecting with others. I think that is a big After enjoy for me. I love being outside and getting a little bit of alone time i think. Many people with disabilities can relate by our time is stretched so thin in so many different directions were being advocates activists. When we don't even know where doing it And it's tiring so like just having some time to myself whether that's like being outside or cooking or reading a book just some me time so brings me joy. When did you recently go. I recently went to hawaii. Asking somebody avowed theresa She's in hawaii it. It was wonder fall. Talk about some really dedicated meantime. It was it was great. I love the beach. I love the water. I don't know why i'm in colorado and settled here for now. But i love the water so basically just spent a lot of my time with my in water and doing a lot of nothing. I wanna thank you both. This is a great program. I've learned much from you. I'm sure the audience has also and we need to continue to follow you for all the great work that you continue to do so. Thank you very much. And we'll talk soon on kitschy. 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