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So top rank did have pack and they don't know more. He left coto left and margarita left. I don't even know why. Would you say that you sound like you know boxing. Try to pick fighters this stood with him trying to pick fighters that retired with them. So your your argument makes some sense now. All fighters that left margarito gave top break everything and he's still got cut. The minister hit the fan. They associated themselves with them. Benitez talked to me. We read something. That's how you doing today man. I'm loving you. See some of those alleged reports men that tape. That's gonna that's gonna be making around five million for this fight in doubt it you know saints about buyers of we walk away with one point five. I win doubted. That shit man. Now see that just shows you right there. That takes a pound for pound king between one thirty one thirty one forty pounds you know and who the fuck really cares man about I mean why people keep screaming this josh tale the name like you say he fought in front of seven thousand people. More people should came. It was really that big fight. They would open up more top rank out a big bag. They would have made things happen. Don't discriminate ella. Because the belts. No don't know wanna see him lose. They wanna see. Josh taylor lose right they wanna see tank lose right so in there is tank is faking that he became a chance. When josh is the real chant yes so they say they san fight him. He's saying. I'm just i'm just doing me. Okay let's let's let's let's be real. How many of us. Who truly sold on jose. Ramirez know A few people were so definitely my man. Alexander was so and he definitely converted a few people with his. Win over maurice hooker..

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