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You had to have an invitation to go there may Mola Quemado LA. And now it is open to the public because I saw it as conduct. One of the best resorts of two thousand eighteen or something. So I know now it's been open to the public tone. It's Caracas Caridi. You I XE M A L. Yes in there's an Instagram. You can follow on do. You know? I always want to go to on vacation to Mexico. I never do. I never do. But I'm from San Diego. So for for growing up ego. I never think to go to Mexico. It was like going home, you know. But I always want to find places to go. You know? Rebecca remain goes to some place down there. I think the translation is heaven. I think but she says what it is. It's this resort that nobody knows about and goes to I can't remember what the what the town is. But it sounded really good. Where do you recommend going on vacation to obviously a lot of people are listening to us? But what's your favorite place to go to on vacation? You got kids if a husband, did you take the kids with you on vacation? Yes, you hung up on this. He cannot he asked me all the time. Every my kids they're sixteen and eighteen one's going to college this year. He's like you're going to bring them with you. And I'm like we like to do that you live with them going the Haitian. Why wouldn't you take them with me? And joy. I simply just do not believe I cannot believe that. Well, what I do is a couple of things. So this summer break, we did a few things we took the kids on vacation to Europe, we took them to Italy into London. And then we came home. And then Chris, and I went to the south of France by ourselves. I like the way that then we came back, and then we took the kids to New York City and the Bahamas for a month. How many kids three three kids? Yes. I met just the one you met Stella Luna. Yes. Yes. Yes. And are they older or younger than her? They're younger than her. Okay. Yes. I have four year old and a two year old. My God L know who the fathers are. Yes, I do. Thank god. Yes. He's very handsome on the fan. Your step ahead of me. Yes. So okay. So you're going on these vacations you work work work. You have the weekends off you redesign, you your trailer. And you're at the same lot. You guys have been there at the whole fifteen season. We have same law. Yes. That's brilliant. You know, it's not a typical choice for an actor room. You know, everyone's always sort of chasing the next best thing. Chase. Trophies? How do I stay hot? How do I stay relevant? But I started the show when I was thirty three years old. And I I sort of knew I've always had the gift of into which intuition into witching. That's hot. My husband calls me, which and I knew that I wanted to have a really stable home life. I didn't have a great home life growing up. My mother died when I was young, and I didn't have a great childhood. So I knew that I wanted to have a really happy, although I did not want kids funny enough. I knew that I wanted to have a really stable home life because I think as an actor you kind of need that because at some point the attention and the fame goes away, and then what you have. So I knew that it's important to have something real, right because fame and attention isn't really real. So I just knew that, you know, I wanted to have a family. I wanted to have some stability in my life. And I wanted my relationship to to to work and say, I didn't want to be traveling and going to this show or that show. And 'cause you never know you get a job, you don't know where choose you don't know how long you have to live there four. It's a gypsy life, and I just crave the stability in and it's worked out very well. For me really has worked out very well for you. The show's been on for a long time or the art you or the highest paid actress on a drama in television..

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