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Drew brees will join us on the program tomorrow. Also the great filmmaker. Ken burns documentary about muhammad ali. Got to see it and the archival footage is unbelievable. The stuff that you've never seen before with muhammad ali so we'll talk to ken burns and he'll join us on the program coming up tomorrow. More phone calls on the way. Paulie baiting me tempting me to click on this link. It's rolling stones top five hundred songs of all time. That's right okay. Where do you want me to start here or stop. Because i think if you start at fifty or start at one and look at the top fifty you'll scroll and every once in a while a seat and says he'll just go. What is it'll make you upset. Yeah but why do you wanna make me upset. You know that. I don't like lists but you love music. I do respect by aretha. Franklin is by their choice the greatest time which by the way was written by otis redding and no idea the second big song of all time our best on time. Fight the power by public enemy from one thousand nine hundred. Okay first of all who voted on this. A collection of rolling stone editors and experts. Okay who remain nameless at this junction. Okay number three is sam cook. A change is gonna come. Sam cook and marvin gaye by the way my two favorite voices. I think those are. You can't go wrong with whenever they sing. You can't go wrong number five. All time is smells like teen spirit by nevada. And i'm sure they're factoring and impact of the song not just the song at face value. Bob dylan's like a rolling stone is four. He did that in nineteen sixty five. Marvin gaye. What's going on is six and the beatles check in finally number seven strawberry fields forever. I don't know if i would. I would pick that song strawberry fields like if you said this is the beatles. Signature song wouldn't strawberry fields forever. Yes yeah i was gonna ask. What song would you put their surprise. Probably hey jude let it be. Missy elliott the eighth greatest song of all time with get your.

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